12 Apr

Last week was my daughters spring break and her birthday. Her birthday was I guess ok. I tried to plan a party for her but, only 2 kids showed up. It was a bummer mainly due to the weather. It was really cold and of course due to my husbands issue we had to have it outside. Then later that day we got together with his parents so they could see their granddaughter and give her, her gifts. I was told that it smelled after his parents left and that he believes that they “do this on purpose”. Give me a break! Sorry I know I should have more sympathy but, enoughs enough. I had a really bad sinus infection but, did you see me complaining? I did not except maybe to stat that I was having trouble breathing. Despite the weather we still managed to have a good break.

Been crazy

26 Mar

It has been crazy lately. I have been working a lot which is a good thing. My husband has at least to me been pickng on me for every little thing. I work and so I am around other people and I occasionally pick up any scents that they leave behind on my clothes. So most of the time he wants me to wash my clothes almost every day after I get home. Sorry Charlie but, for one I hate doing laundry let alone every day so I have not complied to this request/demand. I perhaps should feel bad but, really feel that it is almost to the point of ridiculous. Does anyone else out there suffering from my husbands VMR or the stuff feel the same way or those of you living with someone with this lovely condition?

On to the food….

The above has been my lunch for this past week. I made the “Buffalo Wings” from Thug Kitchen. Boy has it been spicy with just using Siracha for my hot sauce and a few extra added bits. It has been good so no complaints. Great for any sinus trouble you may have.

These are the breakfast bars I made as well just to have something for those days I have to dash out the door because I am running late or just called in to work. I used some Maple Almond butter, hemp and chia seeds along with chopped pecans. This recipe from Thug Kitchen can be used with whatever you have on hand or just mix it up. I even have enough left over of this for next week so win win. They are also pretty filling too.

Just a quick one

21 Mar

Here is a link that for ANYONE who has tried to bully someone into being “perfect” or even thinks they are perfect this ones for you. Seriously if you are interested I encourage you to read this post it is really good and great. Just my humble opinion.


Driving me crazy and yummy

28 Feb

Due to the hubby’s VMR or the stuff as I affectionately call it. I had bought some mini vegan chocolate chips for baking and pancakes. Well last night he found the open bag and put both bags in a bigger plastic bag and put it on top of the counter. No big deal right even though I have done this before and he has NEVER had a problem with the chips before and to top it all off MR. Picky forgot or did not find the other open bag of chocolate chips. Again just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Really annoying and picky if you ask me. Just my personal opinion.

The yummy is these chocolate chip cookies from Thug Kitchen pg. 195 and except for having to put in the fridge for 1 hour or overnight. They were really easy to put together and tasty. They are not very sweet either. I used the mini chocolate chips. Who knew you could have a reasonably healthy chocolate chip cookie? Enjoy!


Dinner and Vasomotor Rhinitis

17 Feb

Here is whats for dinner most of this week.


This is the Baked Ziti with Spinach page 158 in Thug Kitchen’s Party Grub. No there is no spinach in it. I like to work with fresh ingredients and there was no spinach available. So I subbed out the spinach for green kale. You can find vegan “ricotta” cheese that you can use instead of blending tofu etc. Plus prep time for me was about 30 minutes not including cook time.

No picture for it but, lunch for me at work this week has been the leek and barley “fried rice” from Thug Kitchen’s 101 on page 102.

My husband has been fairly recently diagnosed with Vasomotor Rhinitis and if you are curious please research it. I am also offering this up as a way for people who are living with someone or know someone with this condition. I would like to know how you are coping not the person with this condition. I already know how hard/difficult this is. Let me put it this way I can not have ANYTHING with a scent. I cannot have any friends over. My daughter cant have any friends over. Is this fair? That is for you to decide. I will plead the fifth.


8 Feb

Hello again.

This is another recipe from Thug Kitchen


This is the Spice Chickpea Wraps with Tahini Dressing on page 32. I once again did not follow all of the recipe. Instead of using cayenne pepper I substituted in some chili powder. I did not have any so used what I had. I also subbed in a garlic clove instead of using garlic powder again I did not have any and prefer the real stuff to the powder.

Yesterday I finally got rid of a bunch of stuff that I had not been using for awhile along with clothes that I no longer wanted and some clothes that my daughter had out grown. It felt good to get rid of this stuff. We will be doing a big purge come spring break. I am looking forward to it. We will be selling some books too and getting rid of them as well.

Pot pie

3 Feb

Here is the good eating I made for my daughter and I. Amazingly she actually has been eating this and she normally wont eat many vegetables. Thank you Thug Kitchen!!!!! You are my heroes for making kick a%* food for even the most picky eaters.


This is what it looks like in the pot. I added sweet potatoes since I am not a big fan of regular potatoes. Again nothing wrong with adding what you like. I also omitted the onion this called for in Party Grub.


Again I did not make the crust that they have for this but, instead got a frozen pie crust that could be unwrapped for later use. Again as Thug Kitchen states you do you. If you want to or have the time then make the crust from scratch if not then do what feels good to you. It may not look pretty but, it sure is Good. Enjoy!