26 Jul

This is what I have had for breakfast for the past few days.

Granted I managed to make 6 of them. They are strawberry scones with some almonds in. I also used 1 cup of almond flour instead of 2 cups of all purpose flour. I got the recipe from 1000 vegan recipes by Robin Robertson.

This has been my desert. It is super easy to make. Take a tablespoon of chia seeds, a cup of milk, 2 teaspoons of maple syrup or other liquid sweetener of your choice, and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Put all of it in a container you can shake for about 30 seconds or so. Then stick in the fridge for instant chia pudding that is so good, not too sweet and healthy for you too. It is a win win. I added a few raspberries for a bit of color and something sweet to eat too. Plus I got another healthy serving of fruit. Yea! I might have the proportions wrong so you might want to check Ruby Roths Help Yourself cookbook for kids or online. Have fun and enjoy!

On a different note I am done with my training that I need to do so I can be a substitute teacher again. Honestly not sure how I feel about this one again. I am just not looking forward to having to get up so early again. It is very hard for me to get up in the mornings especially when there is no sun to help wake me up.

We have gotten my daughters schools supplies done and out of the way. She really didnt need all that much for school.

I am trying to get a new/used car before school starts, since I feel like I am terribly judged by the car I drive. Yes it is not that pretty, yes it is 20 years old but, it is paid for and is reliable. It just needs a power steering pump which will cost me about what the car is currently worth. So not really looking into getting that fixed. Until I can find a new/used car in my price range then the rest of the world will just have to suck it up and deal.



20 Jul

I have been using a few seasonal deserts from this cookbook

Yeah just tip your screen or computer sideways oops. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened to it.

This is what I made last week.

It was supposed to be the blueberry bundt cake from the book featured above. A bit of forewarning this particular author really likes her deserts sweet. I followed this one to a T and it was too sweet even for me. I did not have a bundt pan like I thought I did hence the need for two of the pie pans.

I made the blueberry biscotti and unfortunately they ended up flat instead of more cookie like but, still really tasty and I used half the sugar this time.

Next up not sure but, it depends on what seasonal fruits I can find.

Hope you are enjoying the seasons bounty while it lasts.

Summer break

6 Jul

Summer break has been AWESOME! I am RELAXED. I went for a week in June to visit my dad we had a lot of fun doing stuff like seeing museums, we went to a farm sanctuary got to see some really awesome animals including super cute angora bunnies (if I could have brought one home with me on the plane I would have done it) and hung out. My birthday this year was a 10 unlike last year when it was a -10. I took my daughter to her science camp where she had a lot of fun and I got to get caught up on balancing my check book something that has not happened for 5 months argh. I always say I wont let it get that bad again but, I always manage to not do it.

I will (un)fortunately be going back as a substitute teacher. I have learned a lot as a sub and my goal this year is to only sub 3 days a week and no Fridays are right out, not get called on the carpet for stupid aka petty, crazy things.

I will now be driving the HK mobile or the Hello Kitty mobile. I put a few hello kitty decals on my car. I figure if the school district is going to complain about one bumper sticker lets see if they will complain about Hello Kitty. I really dont care if the kids complain. Heck I even went so far as to get a hello kitty lunch box, a backpack and purse. Yeah I might have gone over board but, not really caring in the least. Yes I am a grown woman but, lets face it Hello Kitty has been pretty much timeless. Started in the early 70’s and is still going strong.


3 May

Pepsi tried to air a commercial but, for whatever reason it was pulled as offensive.

Here is the link and a chance to view the offensive video and see for yourself if you think it is actually offensive. https://www.resourcesforlife.com/docs/item15281

My personal opinion is that it is NOT offensive in fact I actually find it more empowering than anything else. I am not a corporate slut and do not flaunt my coach bag, my whatever etc by whatever big corporation. If you must know my preferred drink is water, coffee, and chai tea in no particular order and if I get it from a huge corporation then so be it but, I do not flaunt. I will honorably mention hipsters for sisters etc.

So is this offensive to you? Do you think this add should have been pulled? Let me know what your thoughts are.


12 Apr

Last week was my daughters spring break and her birthday. Her birthday was I guess ok. I tried to plan a party for her but, only 2 kids showed up. It was a bummer mainly due to the weather. It was really cold and of course due to my husbands issue we had to have it outside. Then later that day we got together with his parents so they could see their granddaughter and give her, her gifts. I was told that it smelled after his parents left and that he believes that they “do this on purpose”. Give me a break! Sorry I know I should have more sympathy but, enoughs enough. I had a really bad sinus infection but, did you see me complaining? I did not except maybe to stat that I was having trouble breathing. Despite the weather we still managed to have a good break.

Been crazy

26 Mar

It has been crazy lately. I have been working a lot which is a good thing. My husband has at least to me been pickng on me for every little thing. I work and so I am around other people and I occasionally pick up any scents that they leave behind on my clothes. So most of the time he wants me to wash my clothes almost every day after I get home. Sorry Charlie but, for one I hate doing laundry let alone every day so I have not complied to this request/demand. I perhaps should feel bad but, really feel that it is almost to the point of ridiculous. Does anyone else out there suffering from my husbands VMR or the stuff feel the same way or those of you living with someone with this lovely condition?

On to the food….

The above has been my lunch for this past week. I made the “Buffalo Wings” from Thug Kitchen. Boy has it been spicy with just using Siracha for my hot sauce and a few extra added bits. It has been good so no complaints. Great for any sinus trouble you may have.

These are the breakfast bars I made as well just to have something for those days I have to dash out the door because I am running late or just called in to work. I used some Maple Almond butter, hemp and chia seeds along with chopped pecans. This recipe from Thug Kitchen can be used with whatever you have on hand or just mix it up. I even have enough left over of this for next week so win win. They are also pretty filling too.

Just a quick one

21 Mar

Here is a link that for ANYONE who has tried to bully someone into being “perfect” or even thinks they are perfect this ones for you. Seriously if you are interested I encourage you to read this post it is really good and great. Just my humble opinion.