Pot pie

3 Feb

Here is the good eating I made for my daughter and I. Amazingly she actually has been eating this and she normally wont eat many vegetables. Thank you Thug Kitchen!!!!! You are my heroes for making kick a%* food for even the most picky eaters.


This is what it looks like in the pot. I added sweet potatoes since I am not a big fan of regular potatoes. Again nothing wrong with adding what you like. I also omitted the onion this called for in Party Grub.


Again I did not make the crust that they have for this but, instead got a frozen pie crust that could be unwrapped for later use. Again as Thug Kitchen states you do you. If you want to or have the time then make the crust from scratch if not then do what feels good to you. It may not look pretty but, it sure is Good. Enjoy!


2 Feb

After our “president” signed the executive order on Friday. I am ashamed to be an American. This is NOT how this country started. The Puritans and others fled England for religious persecution and many peoples ancestors came to Ellis Island for religious freedom and to make a new start with better wages here in the US. Here are other peoples opinions. Tammy Strobel and a few others.

President Trump’s Executive Order outraged me. Also, Chris Guillebeau’s recent Instagram post prompted me to speak out. Chris eloquently said:

“I have visited many Muslim countries and felt welcomed and safe. Many times their hospitality has greatly outdone anywhere else in the world, and certainly anything that I’ve offered myself.

To those who say, ‘Keep Muslims out of the US’—aside from the lunacy of such a concept, I’d start with asking: ‘How many Muslims do you actually know? Have you ever visited a mosque?’

Furthermore, I’m tired of hearing that ‘we’ (you/me/anyone) shouldn’t be speaking out about these things. If you don’t speak out, you are offering tacit approval of systematic oppression. If you don’t use your voice now, why should anyone listen to you later? What will you tell a future generation that asks ‘Where were you?’

History asks us: What would you have done during the holocaust, times of slavery, etc.? And the bottom line is, most of us really have no idea… we *hope* that we would have done the right thing, but there’s no way to know for sure. Except now you have a real-time chance to answer that question. What will your answer be?”

I wholeheartedly agree with Chris’s post, and I’m thankful he wrote it because I’ve been silent for too long.

Further reading & action steps:

Terrorism and Immigration: A Risk Analysis (via the CATO Institute)

5 real things you can do right now to fight Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban.’

You have a voice. You have a conscience. You have a heart.

Lives Rewritten With the Stroke of a Pen

One Thing is True: Silence is Compliance

I have taken some of these steps if you need the actual links because they did not let you click then please go to RowdyKittens.com for her post regarding this.

Please understand that a lot of people are and have not been happy with “president Trumps” actions and his beliefs.

As Promised

25 Jan


This is the Borracho Squash and Bean Burritos that I made last night from the Thug Kitchen 101 on page 104 and am looking forward to leftovers for dinner tonight. We had them with rice, salsa, Daiya shredded cheese and vegan sour cream. They are THE BEST burritos I have had in a long time. I did not use both cans of pinto beans but, used only one since my daughter did not want the “icky” squash in her burrito. I was stuffed silly and was very pleased with the flavor and taste.

I have a small confession to make I went ahead and ordered the other Thug Kitchen cookbooks, plus a few odds and ends for traveling later this year with my daughter. Sorry yes, I broke the dont buy anything rule but, after this I will be good and have no need or desire to purchase anymore stuff.

On a Roll Baby

20 Jan

Yes before I decided to do the whole buy nothing for a year besides things I can either eat or drink I bought based on a suggestion from a lovely and awesome fellow vegan worker at 1/2 price books (Hi Emily!) . She saw my purse by Calico Dragon that says “Live Love Vegan” and complimented me on it again pre buy nothing. She asked if I had ever heard of Thug Kitchen and me being well not up to speed on certain things said no. She showed me their latest book Thug Kitchen 101. I even got the last copy this store had fate I believe was smiling that day. I did ask if the food was vegan all of it is including drinks for grown ups aka me. The language is not suitable for youngsters in the cookbook. I actually love it because it has drinks for grown ups and that is has how long it will take to create the tasty bits inside. I am going to try if I can find Butternut squash in season still the Borracho Squash and bean burritos. It sounds super tasty, is vegan and will just be sooo much better than a plain and slightly boring bean burrito still tasty and vegan but, hopefully with more of a kick in the tokhes.
I realize that going out and getting yourself a copy of this will break the buy nothing buuuutttttttt, if you are in need of a cookbook of tasty and good for you vegan food again you will be making consumables then this will be allowed. After all we all need to eat and drink.

Plus there are others that they have available on Amazon and probably other stores as well Thug Kitchen the Official Cookbook and Thug Kitchen Party Grub. Sadly 1/2 price books rarely has the other books available as people tend to not give them up. I might get the party grub one for my daughters upcoming Birthday party.

When I make something out of the Thug Kitchen 101 I will let folks know and how it tasted as well.

Im back after a long break

19 Jan

The holidays are over! Very happy for that. It was just a lot of stress and well not so fun times. I am part of a buy nothing group and am having a blast with it! If you want to join me then dont wait to reap the savings of not buying any consumer goods minus food of course…we all have to eat.

My daughter and I have been watching Gilmore Girls practically nonstop. I love the show so if you have seen it no spoilers allowed. We love it. It has been fun cuddling on the couch with my daughter when it is cold outside.

Yesterday we actually got to see something strange and bright in the sky yup if you guessed the sun then you got it right. It has been very cloudy and for the most part raining. I know “it cant rain all the time” from the Crow starring Brandon Lee may he continue to rest in peace. I am just glad it has not decided to freeze. It is really pretty but, not so fun when traveling or when it decides to melt. My poor dad has been dealing with ice storm after ice storm.

My holidays were so rotten that I came up with a plan. I wont share it here for now but, it is great to have a plan and I even feel better even if I dont do the big mystery plan.

Heres to a better New Year!

Squeeee new products

14 Dec

Just wanted to let folks know about a few new or at least new to me products. In no particular order

Daiya has Macaroni and “cheese”, in alfredo style and white cheddar style with veggies.

Annie’s has an organic vegan mac and cheese.

Earth Balance also has a mac and cheese.

Ozery Bakery has morning rounds in Muesli, apples and cinnamon and one other which I forgot.

I have tried the Daiya Mac and cheese and it is great. I love the fact that one of my favorite foods and comfort foods is now available in vegan. If you love your cheesy mac goodness in a pouch form verses powder then this one is for you.

The Ozery Bakery I have only tried the Muesli and it is great for a breakfast on the go or if you just want a hot breakfast. It is really great with almond butter or whatever nutty buttery goodness you like best. I personally cant decide between chocolate almond or my chocolate hazelnut butter both are really great. Plus having a little chocolate for breakfast is not a bad thing.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you try any.

Happy Holidays!

Crazy time

10 Dec

It has been crazy here with almost all of us getting sick. We have been feeling better for awhile now thankfully.

Plus with all the holiday craziness you just feel it in the air.

I finally got to watch on Netflix Ghosts in the Machine no not the type of Ghosts that were discussed in I Robot. It was a great documentary about a woman who is a photographer. She goes to the “disgusting places” like slaughter houses, fur farms etc and tries to bring these pictures to the public. It was somewhat difficult to watch but, well worth it. I am so glad I went Vegan and do not regret my decision to do that. I felt so bad for the animals…the minks, foxes, and cows that she photographed. She stated that it was hard very hard not to want to liberate the animals. I believe her because if I was doing what she does I would want to open those cages and let them all be free. I really admire people who go into laboratories and fur farms and other places to shed light on the horrible treatment these animals endure.

Remember this holiday season think of the animals who have given their lives for your food this holiday season. Treat all animals with respect, kindness and above all love!

I will be taking more time off so will post again next year at least that is the plan for now. I might share our holiday craziness before then.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Until all hearts are free.