29 Nov

On Sunday early morning I lost one of our beloved cats Sin pronounced Shin. She was a beloved member of my life, has seen me at my best and worst in life. She was there for so many things both big and small through parts of my life. She has been there for the ups and downs of my life along with the small every day events to the big events. She was there when I met my husband and when we got married. She was there at the birth of my daughter. Now she is gone I will never pet her again. I will never hear her purr (she rarely purred and when we were able to get her to it was both an honor and special). I will never have her sleep with me. I will never hear her vocalizations to let me know she is hungry. I MISS her so MUCH and even though my husband has a lot of stuff, my daughter and I have our things the house feels so empty without her. She was a great cat and I know that there will never be another one like her. I know she is in a better place and with time hopefully the rest of our family will be too. My other cat knows she is gone but, I do not think she realizes or maybe she does that Sin is not coming back.

We had her cremated and had her remains put in a beautiful cherry wood box. We also get her paw print which will be a wonderful thing to have.

As she was dying she was laying on my husband and was making these soft vocalizations almost meows. I am not sure if she was telling us good bye, that she was in pain or what. We were trying to keep her warm having no idea that she was shutting down. As I type this up it has been difficult not to bawl my eyes out. This will also be almost my last cat as well. For various reasons.

I did find a book at the library called The grief recovery handbook for pet loss by Russell Friedman, Cole James and John W. James. I have only gotten through the first chapter but, if anyone else has read this book let me know if it helped you. If you have lost a companion animal aka pet recently then I encourage you to pick up this book at your local library, bookstore or online.

Sin will be greatly missed and was greatly loved and spoiled rotten.

I saw yesterday a womans post on facebook about emotional abuse

12 Oct

I really saw it on yahoo. It was very eye opening. So I want to continue it a little bit more.

He doeesnt hit you but, he isolates you from your friends and family. He makes it almost impossible for you to have let alone make new friends.

He doesnt hit you but, you always have to be home before he gets home otherwise he calls you and wants to know where you are even though you may have just told him where you are and that you will be home in 20 minutes. Its not enough he will come and get you.

He doesnt hit you but, you cant go anywhere for help because you dont fit into the physical abuse to even go to a shelter even though you may really want to.

He doesnt hit you but, you really want to end the relationship but, feel powerless and helpless because you have a child or not enough money.

If this is you then we really need to have a serious discussion and maybe even support each other. I realize that not all men do this and that even men can go through this.

My personal break through

12 Oct

I had a huge revelation for me at least. My anxiety is having my daughter taken away from me. Not sure if this is because of the many fights/arguments/disagreements that my husband and I had or what but, he would Always take our daughter with him to his parents house if I was being “too emotional” or just “too angry”. Let me explain. When we first decided to be a couple I told him that it was ok for us to take a break if we were fighting/arguing hopefully before we either go too pissed off or said something we might regret. 1. The other person has to be informed. There was NOTHING in this that said in the rules see 1. that said please, please take my daughter with you. Seriously like I want her to be with a person who is rather pissed off and might get in a car accident. Yes please let me have that extra worry. Now thanks to my husband having his lovely VMR he can no longer do that! Whew. It might also have something to do with him telling me 3 years ago that he would fight me for custody as well. No worries there. I told him to bring it. Yeah maybe not the best response but, at the time I was really mad.

9 Feb

I could not think up a decent title for this post. Ah well. February has been a bit chaotic. First our washing machine decided that draining out a lot of water was not something it needed to accomplish anytime soon. While trying to do said load of laundry my cat decides for one last good measure and fun hahaha to get violently ill. Whew! What a ride.

Thankfully our washing machine is now fixed and running good as new. I really hate our economy with having to either buy something new all the time or whatever. It really just bites. I did get both loads of laundry done so that was good. I did have to put my cats mess in a plastic bag since I couldnt take the smell. Plus my cat is hopefully over her crazy projecting.

The weather has been crazy it seems as though we loose the icy grip of winter to have almost spring like weather in the upper 50s to even 60s before we drop back down and have snow or even ice. I need off this roller coaster or even just a trip somewhere tropical. Who’s with me?

I hope others are having a better beginning to this month.

Season of change

19 Jan

I have an elderly cat who has had a rough time of it lately. At first I thought with the bitter cold she just caught a cold or even the cat version of the flu. Now I am not so sure I think at least in dog years she is about 85 years old or possibly older. She is still having issues. Today she was ill again and almost used the couch as her litter box. I love her to bits and pieces but, am not sure how much longer I can keep up with the roller coaster ride of her seeming to get better aka keeping food down and then going back to not feeling better. I will do my best to give her until the spring with hopefully warmer temperatures and see how she does but, if there is not much improvement I may just have to say good bye and that will hurt a lot. What do you all think? I really would love an outsiders opinion on this.


4 Jan

As you know from my previous post there has been a lot of illness and a lot of messes to be cleaned up. Everyone is on the mend or is better. I have no idea how I have managed to avoid being ill so far. The only thing that I have done is eat a lot of umeboshi which is a pickled plum. The Japanese swear by it for preventing illnesses, helping with that time of the month and other things. Warning they are very sour so eating one and making sure you mind the pit with a small bowl of rice or whatever just to cut the sour will work. I have also been eating more rice lately because we got a new rice cooker that makes really good rice not that our other one didnt but, it is nice to have a timer and to be able to keep it warm for an extended amount of time. I have also gotten a lot of rest as well. This has been very nice not having to get up before the crack of dawn. Now that school is back in session I am very sad.

I have also been drinking warm/hot fluids. Like tea and coffee. Green tea especially is a good antioxidant. Not sure if this will prevent you or even myself from getting the flu but, it is worth a try.

Stay warm, safe and healthy.

Hunting and gathering

3 Jan

Happy New Year! Hopefully it will be a better year than the last one.
This winter break has been a bit rough. First my daughter was ill, then my husband on Christmas day and so he could not come with us to families houses. Of course he didnt want to go anyway so no big deal there . Now my cat has been ill. She is getting better in that she is actually eating food again. Poor kitten.

This past weekend we unfortunately had to drive past the mall to get to our next destination. I was honestly shocked and amazed at the amount of cars parked at the mall. You would think that most folks would have gotten their exchanges and holiday sale stuff out of the way there should not have been any NEED to go back to the mall.

I ordered a great book for myself for the holiday and I highly recommend this book. It is the High Maintenance Minimalist by Kashlee Kucheran. This is a great book to help you save money for your dreams whatever it is. It makes you really examine those purchases that we all make from the $100 pair of shoes or whatever to actually deciding if you really need those shoes that cost that much or can you get something a bit cheaper and put the rest that you saved towards your dream.

Thanks giving

22 Nov

Ahh the holiday is here where most people eat too much, sacrifice a turkey and forget about being thankful for the things they have come the following Friday after Thanksgiving by going out shopping even before the crack of dawn.

I personally loathe the holiday season. It just seems to me that more people tend to be grouchy aka the Grinch rather than nice, polite, and calm. We tend to miss that around this time of year more.

So a few tips in no particular order….try not to eat too much, dont sacrifice a turkey instead adopt a turkey either via the farm sanctuary site or other sites that have adoptions, dont get up before dawn remember NO one chooses to work the day of or the day after Thanksgiving and the deals will still be there if you decide to sleep in or even better shop earlier aka before the holiday rush, give consumables aka food or experience gifts. Money works great as a gift too no exchanges needed and is always appreciated. If you must give a gift make sure you can afford it no charges or pay in cash.

Gift suggestions for folks just a few I promise…for the ladies an arden cove handbag works great theft resistant, slash proof, water resistant/proof, rfid blocking or just chocolate. For the gentlemen an rfid blocking wallet. For kids a crayola pipsqueaks washable markers and paper set. Great for traveling or your budding artist. Most of these items can be found through amazon or online. Great for shopping in your pjs and avoiding the crowds.

Most importantly remember to give thanks for all you have not for what you dont have.

Ignorance is not bliss

3 Nov

I had no idea that this was and is a problem. I think otters are really cute but as is pointed out they are wild animals and deserve to be left in the wild not as a pet or as someones fur coat or hat or whatever. There is a link that you can make a donation to an organization that will help otters with education and conservation. I know that with the holiday season coming up Yikes! that it seems that everyone wants your money or a year end donation. I think that you should give to what you are passionate about if you can. Whether it is to a food pantry to fight hunger, help with medical care, or saving animals. There are admittedly a LOT to choose from but, make sure it is legitimate and if giving online make sure they have a “secure” website for making your donation. Sorry secure is in quotes I am skeptical that it is secure but, will probably make a donation online anyway.


10 Oct

I recently purchased a bag from Arden Cove. They make great bags in a few colors….grey, blue, maroon, white, and of course black. The reason I bought this bag is because it has RFID blocking, is waterproof (believe me I tested it out this past weekend with the remains of a hurricane that came our way which, I suppose was a tropical storm), has a locking zipper (remember ladies you have to keep your bag zipped if you dont want your things stolen), has slash proof material and a slash proof strap.

The main reason for this is because yet once again someone tried their best to gain access to my accounts with my bank. Thankfully they did not get access but, they had enough info that I felt the need for something a bit stronger. They had my name, mothers maiden name, and my SSN. NOT ok. So now I have done my best to “bullet” proof my accounts. I added a password and set up a bunch of alerts. So my suggestion is to add a password to your accounts if possible not sure what most banks or financial institutions will do. Get an RFID blocking purse or wallet or whatever you can to feel and be secure. If only people would not only steal my identity AND my life then I say have at it. I just get to keep my daughter. Sadly this has made me want to never us anything without RFID blocking again so I might be ditching a bunch of my existing bags. If you think this is a good idea let me know and you might even score one of my existing non RFID blocking bags for yourself.

Once again me recommending Arden Cove gains me absolutely nothing except for peace of mind.