Holding pattern and veganize your dish

I have unfortunately been in a bit of a holding pattern lately.  It has been frustrating not being able to use my car to even have the option of going anywhere which has increased my need/desire to get out of my house for extended periods but, with no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with “cabin fever”?  I seem to have the worst case of it today and yes some days it hits harder than others.  I exercise and try and get out when I can but, it has just gotten annoying.

I am also annoyed that I have not had a chance to declutter my moms basement and get rid of more stuff.  That has been frustrating me as well.

I did want to touch on a few ways to “veganize” your favorite foods that you did not think were possible.  First of all there are many “fake” meats if that is what you want to try and eat. There is even “fake” seafood.  I have not tried any and have no idea how close to the real thing they get taste wise.   I personally like to eat as much unprocessed foods as I can.  Chips and maybe pizza are about the only exception to the more heavily processed foods.  The latest thing that I made for dinner that was surprisingly good was fried rice instead of “eggs” I used shelf stable or silken tofu and added Turmeric,  ginger, and soy sauce to my fried rice and veggies of your choice.  I added carrot, celery, cabbage, and lacinato  or dino kale to this dish.  It was really good and so good that my normally picky eater 3 year old asked for seconds.  There are many dishes that you can veganize you just might have to use your imagination in order to do it.

What dish would you like to veganize that you have been having trouble with or think is impossible?

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