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To quote Deadpool 2020 in review “The yack off shmirnoff year”

29 Dec

2020 Started out as almost any other year full of hopes and dreams. However we never saw the Black lives movement coming nor did we see Cooties 19 heading our way like a bullet train about to crash.

This year I lost my last cat and most beloved companion animal. Not saying that Noel nor my other cats were chopped liver.

We have lost a lot of things going to the movies, hugs from friends, the loss of human touch, the ability to date who you want, the ability to travel, going to stores, shopping at the mall, going to restaurants, seeing family, going to sporting events, going to concerts, going to amusement or theme parks, no more massages either from a professional or a possible lover, going dancing/to clubs, going to bars, etc.

What we have now quarantine, wearing masks in public all the time, “social distancing” , staying at home/working from home, having school at home, lets not forget the latest of the “new’ strains of Cooties 19, and the need to find more toilet paper or just cherish that last roll that you would not trade for even a million dollars and shortages of a lot of goods. FEAR. We have also gained a great need for more alcohol (maybe) and just finding ways to deal with all the changes that decided to hit us HARD. I realize that some of this is somewhat tongue in cheek and I am trying to add a slight bit of fun.

I have tried as a way to cope with the loss of all of these things by trying to laugh more, music has been my friend, dancing, singing (I would be voted off American Idol very quickly), working out, learning new languages, and trying to see and talk to the few friends I can either in person all while maintaining social distance and calling.

I have also lost a lot of family on my dads side and fear that my dads side of the family will go the way of the dinosaurs. I also have a lot of family that have been infected on my dads side with Cooties 19.

This year has also been the year of my mom having more health issues than I can shake a stick at all while in the midst of a pandemic. She has had her back fractured, gall bladder removed, a massive lump/bruise on her leg, and her gums were bleeding all because she was on 2 prescription blood thinners because she had a heart attack and baby aspirin. Who the Hades was my moms doctor to either give her so many blood thinners should be shot drawn, quartered ,dragged through the mud?

Cooties has made a difference in may peoples relationships with the quarantine because you really either end up hating/divorcing that person or you grow closer there seems to be no in between.