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Before the Covid 19 virus had everyone stay at home in the US

3 Apr

I realize that most people now are either out of work or working from home now. We are all trying to find a new normal especially if you have kid(s) at home and are now doing their school work online or remotely.

I had to say good bye to my last cat (because I found out I am allergic to cats but, they were already family and loved). She was not grooming herself anymore and was yowling. I thought she was just ill. I took her to the vet where they did a blood test on her to find out that she was in stage 3 of her kidneys shutting down. They could try to “restart” her kidneys with IV and other fluids but, if she did not respond then well…….you get the idea. Plus if she did respond to the treatment it would only at most give her a few days to a few weeks. I made the very tough, very hard, and very heart breaking decision to let her pass peacefully in hopefully a bit less pain than she was in.

She passed away on Monday March 20, 2020. i just want to share a few pictures of her when she was not ill. I also discovered that she was 17 years old I thought she was only 14. Her kidney failure was due to her age. It really is a drag getting old.

This last picture of her is with her favorite toy. She used to “bring” it to me and put it beside the bed. So sweet. I miss her daily. I miss brushing her hair as I brushed mine and helping her work out her anger issues by biting the bristles of my brush. I miss her sleeping beside my pillow at night. I miss petting her. I miss her laying on my lap. I just miss everything about her.

The only companion animal I have left is miss Noel the star of this blog. It is somewhat depressing.