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Being kind

15 Mar

I realize that right now at least in the US and other parts of the world there have been a lot closings, delays, and cancellations. We all need to be patient and kind to ourselves and others. It is not X persons fault that it is no longer available or closed, or delayed.

My daughters school has closed and she will be doing her assignments remotely. I do realize that this may be tougher for some people than others. It might not be convenient, be annoying, etc. BE Patient.

Please be kind and patient regardless of race, creed, color, or religion. I recently saw a headline where a few people were viciously attacked just for wearing a mask on the New York subway. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT those that were attacked are infected with COVID 19. They were probably just trying to be a bit more proactive and to protect themselves and to protect themselves possibly from others.

We need to remember our past history with different diseases that have affected our world the Black Plague, Scarlet and Yellow Fever, the Flue epidemics, Polio, and others that I cant remember. I do realize that there is a huge difference between now and then like population density, and travel etc. How people responded and dealt with these diseases is also different.

WE DO NOT NEED any more reasons to be mean or unkind to each other. There is more than enough hate and unkindness in the world with out adding to more excuses or even using this latest world crises as one to spread more hate and violence.

Last thing I encourage people to stop hoarding the Toilet Paper there is enough for everyone to have it.

Please watch or listen to Depeche Modes People are People on youtube.