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Been awhile

21 Nov

I am happy to report that I am feeling and doing much better since my fall. My knee has been the slowest to heal up but, it is a lot better. All of my swelling has gone down. A vegan diet has certainly helped in that department. Plus I found some CBD cream to put on my knee at night and that seems to help as well.

Since we skipped fall and went straight into winter. I made a soup using different types of canned beans (yes I was lazy). I used pinto, kidney, garbanzo, black, and white northern beans plus one other. I used a carton of white miso broth, some smoked tofu, and various spices. I also added some green kale as well it was a very tasty and hearty.

What are your plans for the holiday? We are probably going to have take away pizza, make our own or I might make something else. We will have some sweet potatoes, some small oven roasted potatoes, a pumpkin tart, and some green beans. I love being vegan and just deciding to do whatever for the holiday without feeling like we have to do the “traditional” holiday meal.

Enjoy your holiday and remember to think outside of the traditional holiday things if you want to.