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30 Aug

Yesterday on Wednesday I was talking with a woman who had fallen either in December of last year or January of this year. She had fallen and broken her femur in two places. I told her about my fall and she saw my knee and told me that “it looks really bad”. It made me just feel that all the little victories that I have gone through to feel better and even be able to tie up my own shoes even just a little bit seem not that important or even just less. I was so discouraged.

I have been trying to get in touch with my daughters doctor regarding a medication she is on. She has been having some rather bad side effects. So every time the doctor calls me back it is always after hours and at a number I cant reach them back at. We have been playing phone tag for almost a week now. That was very annoying for me.

My daughter decided to yell at me because I was trying to make sure she had studied for a test that she has on Friday. We have a rule that homework comes before hanging out with friends. It just made me feel even lower.

I have also been missing my cat who passed away last year. There are just little things I miss like the fact that she would always go after bugs.that were in the house. Plus my other cat was looking at my sweet Noel who is pictured above as something to either attack, play with, or eat. I thought she was about to do what my husband and I called the flying Wevel attack. My cat who passed away was on the top of the cat tower and jumped down on top of my other cat and when she realized it was the wrong cat she started licking his face. It was really sweet and I think an apology for attacking him instead of the cat she really wanted to. I started to laugh and felt like crying again because it was something she used to do.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”-Hippocrates

27 Aug

This was my ankle after a serious fall about 2 weeks ago on Friday. I also sprained or strained my other ankle and skinned up my knee on the right side along with it being just swollen in general. The reason for this post is to wonder what happened to people helping others? I was in another persons yard and there were people across from this yard. I was trying to get someone to help me. I did not want to yell too loud because I was in such pain that I was afraid I would start to scream and cry and not be able to stop. NO ONE helped me instead I had someone ask me what I was doing in so and so’s yard. I did not reply because I was again trying not to scream and cry plus was wanting to assess just how badly I was hurt from one misstep. I also had a large truck drive up the side of the road the same side I was sitting on, trying to flag them down and get help from them. They did not stop of course. I had no choice and no phone but to limp my way home. I was in such pain that I thought long and hard about sitting down on the curb but, was afraid I would not be able to get up. If it was not for a friend arriving back home and seeing the state I was in. She helped me the best way she could to get me home the rest of the way.

If this happens to you I guess in the long run to he** what people will think and go for the screaming and crying just to hopefully get someone to help you. If this happens to someone that you dont know please do all you can to help them. Whether it is calling a friend or just helping them get home. It is worth it.

A few things that have helped me besides something for the pain. I have been eating a lot of turmeric or things with turmeric in them. It is a good anti inflammatory, and antioxidant. I have been using arnica for bruising. I have been wrapping my knee and ankles with red cabbage leaves because it is anti inflammatory and antioxidant. It seems to help with the bruising and helped them heal a lot faster than with just the arnica. There is still swelling in my ankles but, at least now I can walk a bit better without a cane. I can go up stairs without pain. Going down stairs is still a challenge. I can also get up off the floor without the use of a cane as well. I am thankful for each improvement no matter how small and it is the little things we take for granted that I hope to appreciate in the future. I still cant put on a pair of shoes without making sure they are as loose as possible.