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Pet Loss Resources

1 Dec

Here are a few resources to help folks with the loss of a companion animal no matter what type it is in no particular order…,,,,,

There are also some great memorial jewelry or key chains or whatever available on Amazon. Just search your type of animal for example dog memorial jewelry or whatever you are interested in. I hope this helps everyone in their grieving process. My daughter and I found a few urn necklaces where we can always keep a piece of her with us. I think it will help us to remember her and always keep her with us. It may seem morbid but, I really dont care what folks might think. Just a small tip if you do go with some type of mini urn get some blue lock tight to put on the screw. This way it will be really hard to open it and no worries about it opening and spilling ash all over you if that is how you choose to deal with the remains of your companion.

Yesterday was a bit difficult since we got Sin’s remains back. We got her paw print and they even managed to get some of her claws in the print too. It was really sweet and a great keepsake. We also got her ashes back inside the cherry wood box which my daughter picked out. It almost feels as though she is back home and in a way I guess that she is. The house doesnt feel as empty either. I still miss her and still cry too. Her ashes came with a Certificate of Cremation and a booklet on Understanding your feelings.

I hope this and the resources listed above help folks to heal and grieve. It takes time to get over a loss and to grieve do not rush it.