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29 Nov

On Sunday early morning I lost one of our beloved cats Sin pronounced Shin. She was a beloved member of my life, has seen me at my best and worst in life. She was there for so many things both big and small through parts of my life. She has been there for the ups and downs of my life along with the small every day events to the big events. She was there when I met my husband and when we got married. She was there at the birth of my daughter. Now she is gone I will never pet her again. I will never hear her purr (she rarely purred and when we were able to get her to it was both an honor and special). I will never have her sleep with me. I will never hear her vocalizations to let me know she is hungry. I MISS her so MUCH and even though my husband has a lot of stuff, my daughter and I have our things the house feels so empty without her. She was a great cat and I know that there will never be another one like her. I know she is in a better place and with time hopefully the rest of our family will be too. My other cat knows she is gone but, I do not think she realizes or maybe she does that Sin is not coming back.

We had her cremated and had her remains put in a beautiful cherry wood box. We also get her paw print which will be a wonderful thing to have.

As she was dying she was laying on my husband and was making these soft vocalizations almost meows. I am not sure if she was telling us good bye, that she was in pain or what. We were trying to keep her warm having no idea that she was shutting down. As I type this up it has been difficult not to bawl my eyes out. This will also be almost my last cat as well. For various reasons.

I did find a book at the library called The grief recovery handbook for pet loss by Russell Friedman, Cole James and John W. James. I have only gotten through the first chapter but, if anyone else has read this book let me know if it helped you. If you have lost a companion animal aka pet recently then I encourage you to pick up this book at your local library, bookstore or online.

Sin will be greatly missed and was greatly loved and spoiled rotten.