Ignorance is not bliss

3 Nov

I had no idea that this was and is a problem. http://www.thekindlife.com/blog/2017/11/otters-the-forgotten-victims. I think otters are really cute but as is pointed out they are wild animals and deserve to be left in the wild not as a pet or as someones fur coat or hat or whatever. There is a link that you can make a donation to an organization that will help otters with education and conservation. I know that with the holiday season coming up Yikes! that it seems that everyone wants your money or a year end donation. I think that you should give to what you are passionate about if you can. Whether it is to a food pantry to fight hunger, help with medical care, or saving animals. There are admittedly a LOT to choose from but, make sure it is legitimate and if giving online make sure they have a “secure” website for making your donation. Sorry secure is in quotes I am skeptical that it is secure but, will probably make a donation online anyway.

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