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Thanks giving

22 Nov

Ahh the holiday is here where most people eat too much, sacrifice a turkey and forget about being thankful for the things they have come the following Friday after Thanksgiving by going out shopping even before the crack of dawn.

I personally loathe the holiday season. It just seems to me that more people tend to be grouchy aka the Grinch rather than nice, polite, and calm. We tend to miss that around this time of year more.

So a few tips in no particular order….try not to eat too much, dont sacrifice a turkey instead adopt a turkey either via the farm sanctuary site or other sites that have adoptions, dont get up before dawn remember NO one chooses to work the day of or the day after Thanksgiving and the deals will still be there if you decide to sleep in or even better shop earlier aka before the holiday rush, give consumables aka food or experience gifts. Money works great as a gift too no exchanges needed and is always appreciated. If you must give a gift make sure you can afford it no charges or pay in cash.

Gift suggestions for folks just a few I promise…for the ladies an arden cove handbag works great theft resistant, slash proof, water resistant/proof, rfid blocking or just chocolate. For the gentlemen an rfid blocking wallet. For kids a crayola pipsqueaks washable markers and paper set. Great for traveling or your budding artist. Most of these items can be found through amazon or online. Great for shopping in your pjs and avoiding the crowds.

Most importantly remember to give thanks for all you have not for what you dont have.

Ignorance is not bliss

3 Nov

I had no idea that this was and is a problem. I think otters are really cute but as is pointed out they are wild animals and deserve to be left in the wild not as a pet or as someones fur coat or hat or whatever. There is a link that you can make a donation to an organization that will help otters with education and conservation. I know that with the holiday season coming up Yikes! that it seems that everyone wants your money or a year end donation. I think that you should give to what you are passionate about if you can. Whether it is to a food pantry to fight hunger, help with medical care, or saving animals. There are admittedly a LOT to choose from but, make sure it is legitimate and if giving online make sure they have a “secure” website for making your donation. Sorry secure is in quotes I am skeptical that it is secure but, will probably make a donation online anyway.