10 Oct

I recently purchased a bag from Arden Cove. They make great bags in a few colors….grey, blue, maroon, white, and of course black. The reason I bought this bag is because it has RFID blocking, is waterproof (believe me I tested it out this past weekend with the remains of a hurricane that came our way which, I suppose was a tropical storm), has a locking zipper (remember ladies you have to keep your bag zipped if you dont want your things stolen), has slash proof material and a slash proof strap.

The main reason for this is because yet once again someone tried their best to gain access to my accounts with my bank. Thankfully they did not get access but, they had enough info that I felt the need for something a bit stronger. They had my name, mothers maiden name, and my SSN. NOT ok. So now I have done my best to “bullet” proof my accounts. I added a password and set up a bunch of alerts. So my suggestion is to add a password to your accounts if possible not sure what most banks or financial institutions will do. Get an RFID blocking purse or wallet or whatever you can to feel and be secure. If only people would not only steal my identity AND my life then I say have at it. I just get to keep my daughter. Sadly this has made me want to never us anything without RFID blocking again so I might be ditching a bunch of my existing bags. If you think this is a good idea let me know and you might even score one of my existing non RFID blocking bags for yourself.

Once again me recommending Arden Cove gains me absolutely nothing except for peace of mind.

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