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10 Oct

I recently purchased a bag from Arden Cove. They make great bags in a few colors….grey, blue, maroon, white, and of course black. The reason I bought this bag is because it has RFID blocking, is waterproof (believe me I tested it out this past weekend with the remains of a hurricane that came our way which, I suppose was a tropical storm), has a locking zipper (remember ladies you have to keep your bag zipped if you dont want your things stolen), has slash proof material and a slash proof strap.

The main reason for this is because yet once again someone tried their best to gain access to my accounts with my bank. Thankfully they did not get access but, they had enough info that I felt the need for something a bit stronger. They had my name, mothers maiden name, and my SSN. NOT ok. So now I have done my best to “bullet” proof my accounts. I added a password and set up a bunch of alerts. So my suggestion is to add a password to your accounts if possible not sure what most banks or financial institutions will do. Get an RFID blocking purse or wallet or whatever you can to feel and be secure. If only people would not only steal my identity AND my life then I say have at it. I just get to keep my daughter. Sadly this has made me want to never us anything without RFID blocking again so I might be ditching a bunch of my existing bags. If you think this is a good idea let me know and you might even score one of my existing non RFID blocking bags for yourself.

Once again me recommending Arden Cove gains me absolutely nothing except for peace of mind.

Weird Science

6 Oct

Today my daughter and I did weird science. Sadly no Ken doll was involved. We got a 2 liter bottle of coke and menthos the fresh maker and blew that up. It was a lot of fun. Safely blowing up something is a lot of fun. I actually meant to do this while at my dads this summer but, forgot about doing it until we were actually home again ah well. Then thanks to subbing for a specific teachers class Thanks Al. He had a book on his desk and it is called fire bubbles and exploding toothpaste. We did the exploding toothpaste. It was a lot of fun. If you do this experiment go to a sally’s beauty supply or a pharmacy for your 12% hydrogen peroxide and you might need to use the whole bottle of food coloring instead of a few drops. We used a few drops and there was no color to our explosion sadly it was just white and very fizzy. Still a lot of fun to play with after it came out of the reused coke bottle. Just remember to get the funnel out of the way asap.

I am feeling much better I got about 13 hours of sleep after getting maybe 5 on Tuesday night and that is on the more positive end of things in truth it felt more like 3.

Today my appetite has returned due to no more fever wahooooooooooooooooo! I have not been eating that much due to not being able to smell much. So we got a medium pizza from Pizza Hut. I ate half the pizza and still feel a bit hungry but, will probably not eat much for dinner. This has been forbidden by my husband since he does not like their pizza and wants us to do pick up instead of being lazy and having delivery. Plus he does not want any smells due to his VMR BS.

Tomorrow on Friday is get picture taken for passport since the state I live in does not have a “federally recognized” id. So my drivers license will not cut it even to fly in the US. Plus this give me the perfect excuse to fly internationally so thanks US government for giving me the push I need to get my passport. I am not sure if my daughter will need to get hers as well but, I plan on getting hers done during her spring break or sooner. Plus my daughter will get to do more science stuff at the local library. Hope it will be furn.

under the weather

5 Oct

It is fall break and I have the worst sinus infection. I cant breathe out of my nose and am so stuffed up. I have been using clariton which is not helping very much a herbal concoction that is supposed to help with my sinuses. Still not much help. I have been using a netti pot which has been helping along with using vicks vapo rub on my nose and cheekbones that has been helping more. I have also been having a mild fever 100.2-99.2 or so. I normally dont let it get too high before I take some tylenol to bring it down. The only “good” thing is since I am so stuffed up is my appetite has not been the greatest. Spicy foods seem to help a bit until I lay down then I have the worst gerd it really is not very fun. So now I have been having to sleep sitting up on the couch. The only thing that appeals to me are liquids like coffee, water, lemonade, I even like my daughters caprisun which normally is too sweet for me.

Our fall break has been a bit of fun we went and saw a movie, went out to lunch, saw my mom since my dad was unable to make it out for a visit due to health reasons.

Still no word on whether we are moving but, I promise to keep folks posted.

If anyone has any suggestions for the sinus hades I currently am in I am all for any.

Until next time.