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Fall and Move?

8 Sep

Fall seems to have arrived and I already miss the heat and warmer temperatures. Now I have to wear a jacket and actual shoes instead of my flip flops. One nice thing about the cooler temperatures is that I no longer have to feel guilty for baking and as a result having the A/C turn on.

We might be moving I will enjoy the adventure if we do but, the actual act of packing up of all our possessions is very daunting. My husband has give or take about five bookcases filled with books most of them he has not read. He says he will get rid of most of it but,I somehow seriously doubt this will happen. It will be tough on our daughter since she will have to move away from friends and everything that is familiar. I hope that if we do move that it is easier for her to make friends than it was on me when I moved.

I know that I have not once said anything about Charlotte nor the hurricanes that may and have affected the US but, I will say that despite our skin color, creed or nationality we all bleed the same color, we all have almost the same problems from time to time. We should all be kind to each other no matter where we are in life. I hope that all the people who have been affected by the strong storms both here in the US and in India are getting the necessities that they need to survive and are able to rebuild their lives as best they can.