Eclipse and other news

17 Aug

My daughter’s school district finally decided to call school off for the eclipse. This is good because otherwise there was going to be a death in the family or “cough” “cough” I think I am coming down with something. Wink wink.

Seriously though there really has been a death in the family. My dad sisters husband died he suffered a heart attack while driving. Thankfully a couple of nurses were nearby once the car was stopped (not sure how) and had to start chest compressions. Either during transport or while at a hospital his body began to fill up with CO2 and then something happened to his brain. His wife made the very hard decision to pull the plug. Wow I am not sure I could do that without losing it before, during and after. Since there was no will his estate now has to go through probate. I am wanting to encourage most folks to either meet with a lawyer soon and draw up a will or at least write something down and have it notarized at the very least. We are all given a finite number of days to live so live each day to its fullest.

I have figured out something that I really love to bake it is therapeutic for me and helps me to destress a bit or even when I am anxious or just for fun too. I have not made anything really new except for more blueberry scones and even one of my cats loves a good scone no matter what the flavor. Silly kitty.

The other thing that helps me to relax unless I am under a deadline like trying to make your child her first teddy bear by the holidays and you have gotten behind due to child care demands and other demands in life. I love to knit so these are a few things I have made recently. Well I would love to show them to you but sadly my computer has decided there is some sort of error. I made two washcloths out of hemp one is a lovely forest green with a basket weave design in it and the other is grey and just knitted all rows. I have also made 3 bibs and 3 burp cloths for my sister in law who will be having a baby soon. I will be getting started on a teddy bear for my niece and hope to have it done before she is born. I have made one other basket weave washcloth out of cotton for my friends birthday or maybe holiday present I have not decided yet. I am currently making another knitted washcloth for my dad again for the holiday or his birthday. I am making myself a scar out of hemp. Just for something fancy to wear not for warmth it has a lacy pattern to it.
Hopefully I can show you the washcloths in another post. Sorry about mo pictures this time.


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