Squee News I forgot to share

10 Aug

I got this beauty on the 28th of July

Her name is Bettie as in Bettie Page sexy and classy. NOW the schools will have nothing to complain about regarding my car because this one is not a Heap or the Millenium Falcon for those Star Wars fans aka always needing repairs or just plain ol breaking down. Plus absolutely NO stickers on it except for my temporary tag until I get my license plate.

Hello Kitty steering wheel cover check. Cup holders wow what a luxury. I had none with my other car. So you can imagine how nice this actually is. Soon as I get my new license plate I will add my Hello Kitty frame for it on the back of my car. Plus when I have more money I will get Hello Kitty car seat covers. Still will have Hello Kitty but, a bit more subtle.


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