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Eclipse and other news

17 Aug

My daughter’s school district finally decided to call school off for the eclipse. This is good because otherwise there was going to be a death in the family or “cough” “cough” I think I am coming down with something. Wink wink.

Seriously though there really has been a death in the family. My dad sisters husband died he suffered a heart attack while driving. Thankfully a couple of nurses were nearby once the car was stopped (not sure how) and had to start chest compressions. Either during transport or while at a hospital his body began to fill up with CO2 and then something happened to his brain. His wife made the very hard decision to pull the plug. Wow I am not sure I could do that without losing it before, during and after. Since there was no will his estate now has to go through probate. I am wanting to encourage most folks to either meet with a lawyer soon and draw up a will or at least write something down and have it notarized at the very least. We are all given a finite number of days to live so live each day to its fullest.

I have figured out something that I really love to bake it is therapeutic for me and helps me to destress a bit or even when I am anxious or just for fun too. I have not made anything really new except for more blueberry scones and even one of my cats loves a good scone no matter what the flavor. Silly kitty.

The other thing that helps me to relax unless I am under a deadline like trying to make your child her first teddy bear by the holidays and you have gotten behind due to child care demands and other demands in life. I love to knit so these are a few things I have made recently. Well I would love to show them to you but sadly my computer has decided there is some sort of error. I made two washcloths out of hemp one is a lovely forest green with a basket weave design in it and the other is grey and just knitted all rows. I have also made 3 bibs and 3 burp cloths for my sister in law who will be having a baby soon. I will be getting started on a teddy bear for my niece and hope to have it done before she is born. I have made one other basket weave washcloth out of cotton for my friends birthday or maybe holiday present I have not decided yet. I am currently making another knitted washcloth for my dad again for the holiday or his birthday. I am making myself a scar out of hemp. Just for something fancy to wear not for warmth it has a lacy pattern to it.
Hopefully I can show you the washcloths in another post. Sorry about mo pictures this time.

Squee News I forgot to share

10 Aug

I got this beauty on the 28th of July

Her name is Bettie as in Bettie Page sexy and classy. NOW the schools will have nothing to complain about regarding my car because this one is not a Heap or the Millenium Falcon for those Star Wars fans aka always needing repairs or just plain ol breaking down. Plus absolutely NO stickers on it except for my temporary tag until I get my license plate.

Hello Kitty steering wheel cover check. Cup holders wow what a luxury. I had none with my other car. So you can imagine how nice this actually is. Soon as I get my new license plate I will add my Hello Kitty frame for it on the back of my car. Plus when I have more money I will get Hello Kitty car seat covers. Still will have Hello Kitty but, a bit more subtle.

Last week and the start of school

9 Aug

Here is what I baked up last week for dessert it is on page 83 in he Vegan Desserts cookbook I featured earlier.

Yup it is pink the frosting but, my daughter talked me into making it pink. It is a light pink. I once again did not follow directions for the cupcakes. I did not strain out the seeds. Instead I decided to leave it in and really there was not too much difference. They might have been a bit crunchy in a few places but, not too bad over all.

This is my last bit of protest since school will be starting in a few short days ARRRGH! I have really been enjoying my summer as I am sure that most folks have. I tried to make frowny faces not sure if you can tell on my nails but, I did try.