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Been crazy

26 Mar

It has been crazy lately. I have been working a lot which is a good thing. My husband has at least to me been pickng on me for every little thing. I work and so I am around other people and I occasionally pick up any scents that they leave behind on my clothes. So most of the time he wants me to wash my clothes almost every day after I get home. Sorry Charlie but, for one I hate doing laundry let alone every day so I have not complied to this request/demand. I perhaps should feel bad but, really feel that it is almost to the point of ridiculous. Does anyone else out there suffering from my husbands VMR or the stuff feel the same way or those of you living with someone with this lovely condition?

On to the food….

The above has been my lunch for this past week. I made the “Buffalo Wings” from Thug Kitchen. Boy has it been spicy with just using Siracha for my hot sauce and a few extra added bits. It has been good so no complaints. Great for any sinus trouble you may have.

These are the breakfast bars I made as well just to have something for those days I have to dash out the door because I am running late or just called in to work. I used some Maple Almond butter, hemp and chia seeds along with chopped pecans. This recipe from Thug Kitchen can be used with whatever you have on hand or just mix it up. I even have enough left over of this for next week so win win. They are also pretty filling too.

Just a quick one

21 Mar

Here is a link that for ANYONE who has tried to bully someone into being “perfect” or even thinks they are perfect this ones for you. Seriously if you are interested I encourage you to read this post it is really good and great. Just my humble opinion.