Dinner and Vasomotor Rhinitis

17 Feb

Here is whats for dinner most of this week.


This is the Baked Ziti with Spinach page 158 in Thug Kitchen’s Party Grub. No there is no spinach in it. I like to work with fresh ingredients and there was no spinach available. So I subbed out the spinach for green kale. You can find vegan “ricotta” cheese that you can use instead of blending tofu etc. Plus prep time for me was about 30 minutes not including cook time.

No picture for it but, lunch for me at work this week has been the leek and barley “fried rice” from Thug Kitchen’s 101 on page 102.

My husband has been fairly recently diagnosed with Vasomotor Rhinitis and if you are curious please research it. I am also offering this up as a way for people who are living with someone or know someone with this condition. I would like to know how you are coping not the person with this condition. I already know how hard/difficult this is. Let me put it this way I can not have ANYTHING with a scent. I cannot have any friends over. My daughter cant have any friends over. Is this fair? That is for you to decide. I will plead the fifth.


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