2 Feb

After our “president” signed the executive order on Friday. I am ashamed to be an American. This is NOT how this country started. The Puritans and others fled England for religious persecution and many peoples ancestors came to Ellis Island for religious freedom and to make a new start with better wages here in the US. Here are other peoples opinions. Tammy Strobel and a few others.

President Trump’s Executive Order outraged me. Also, Chris Guillebeau’s recent Instagram post prompted me to speak out. Chris eloquently said:

“I have visited many Muslim countries and felt welcomed and safe. Many times their hospitality has greatly outdone anywhere else in the world, and certainly anything that I’ve offered myself.

To those who say, ‘Keep Muslims out of the US’—aside from the lunacy of such a concept, I’d start with asking: ‘How many Muslims do you actually know? Have you ever visited a mosque?’

Furthermore, I’m tired of hearing that ‘we’ (you/me/anyone) shouldn’t be speaking out about these things. If you don’t speak out, you are offering tacit approval of systematic oppression. If you don’t use your voice now, why should anyone listen to you later? What will you tell a future generation that asks ‘Where were you?’

History asks us: What would you have done during the holocaust, times of slavery, etc.? And the bottom line is, most of us really have no idea… we *hope* that we would have done the right thing, but there’s no way to know for sure. Except now you have a real-time chance to answer that question. What will your answer be?”

I wholeheartedly agree with Chris’s post, and I’m thankful he wrote it because I’ve been silent for too long.

Further reading & action steps:

Terrorism and Immigration: A Risk Analysis (via the CATO Institute)

5 real things you can do right now to fight Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban.’

You have a voice. You have a conscience. You have a heart.

Lives Rewritten With the Stroke of a Pen

One Thing is True: Silence is Compliance

I have taken some of these steps if you need the actual links because they did not let you click then please go to for her post regarding this.

Please understand that a lot of people are and have not been happy with “president Trumps” actions and his beliefs.


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