On a Roll Baby

20 Jan

Yes before I decided to do the whole buy nothing for a year besides things I can either eat or drink I bought based on a suggestion from a lovely and awesome fellow vegan worker at 1/2 price books (Hi Emily!) . She saw my purse by Calico Dragon that says “Live Love Vegan” and complimented me on it again pre buy nothing. She asked if I had ever heard of Thug Kitchen and me being well not up to speed on certain things said no. She showed me their latest book Thug Kitchen 101. I even got the last copy this store had fate I believe was smiling that day. I did ask if the food was vegan all of it is including drinks for grown ups aka me. The language is not suitable for youngsters in the cookbook. I actually love it because it has drinks for grown ups and that is has how long it will take to create the tasty bits inside. I am going to try if I can find Butternut squash in season still the Borracho Squash and bean burritos. It sounds super tasty, is vegan and will just be sooo much better than a plain and slightly boring bean burrito still tasty and vegan but, hopefully with more of a kick in the tokhes.
I realize that going out and getting yourself a copy of this will break the buy nothing buuuutttttttt, if you are in need of a cookbook of tasty and good for you vegan food again you will be making consumables then this will be allowed. After all we all need to eat and drink.

Plus there are others that they have available on Amazon and probably other stores as well Thug Kitchen the Official Cookbook and Thug Kitchen Party Grub. Sadly 1/2 price books rarely has the other books available as people tend to not give them up. I might get the party grub one for my daughters upcoming Birthday party.

When I make something out of the Thug Kitchen 101 I will let folks know and how it tasted as well.


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