Im back after a long break

19 Jan

The holidays are over! Very happy for that. It was just a lot of stress and well not so fun times. I am part of a buy nothing group and am having a blast with it! If you want to join me then dont wait to reap the savings of not buying any consumer goods minus food of course…we all have to eat.

My daughter and I have been watching Gilmore Girls practically nonstop. I love the show so if you have seen it no spoilers allowed. We love it. It has been fun cuddling on the couch with my daughter when it is cold outside.

Yesterday we actually got to see something strange and bright in the sky yup if you guessed the sun then you got it right. It has been very cloudy and for the most part raining. I know “it cant rain all the time” from the Crow starring Brandon Lee may he continue to rest in peace. I am just glad it has not decided to freeze. It is really pretty but, not so fun when traveling or when it decides to melt. My poor dad has been dealing with ice storm after ice storm.

My holidays were so rotten that I came up with a plan. I wont share it here for now but, it is great to have a plan and I even feel better even if I dont do the big mystery plan.

Heres to a better New Year!


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