Squeeee new products

14 Dec

Just wanted to let folks know about a few new or at least new to me products. In no particular order

Daiya has Macaroni and “cheese”, in alfredo style and white cheddar style with veggies.

Annie’s has an organic vegan mac and cheese.

Earth Balance also has a mac and cheese.

Ozery Bakery has morning rounds in Muesli, apples and cinnamon and one other which I forgot.

I have tried the Daiya Mac and cheese and it is great. I love the fact that one of my favorite foods and comfort foods is now available in vegan. If you love your cheesy mac goodness in a pouch form verses powder then this one is for you.

The Ozery Bakery I have only tried the Muesli and it is great for a breakfast on the go or if you just want a hot breakfast. It is really great with almond butter or whatever nutty buttery goodness you like best. I personally cant decide between chocolate almond or my chocolate hazelnut butter both are really great. Plus having a little chocolate for breakfast is not a bad thing.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you try any.

Happy Holidays!


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