Crazy time

10 Dec

It has been crazy here with almost all of us getting sick. We have been feeling better for awhile now thankfully.

Plus with all the holiday craziness you just feel it in the air.

I finally got to watch on Netflix Ghosts in the Machine no not the type of Ghosts that were discussed in I Robot. It was a great documentary about a woman who is a photographer. She goes to the “disgusting places” like slaughter houses, fur farms etc and tries to bring these pictures to the public. It was somewhat difficult to watch but, well worth it. I am so glad I went Vegan and do not regret my decision to do that. I felt so bad for the animals…the minks, foxes, and cows that she photographed. She stated that it was hard very hard not to want to liberate the animals. I believe her because if I was doing what she does I would want to open those cages and let them all be free. I really admire people who go into laboratories and fur farms and other places to shed light on the horrible treatment these animals endure.

Remember this holiday season think of the animals who have given their lives for your food this holiday season. Treat all animals with respect, kindness and above all love!

I will be taking more time off so will post again next year at least that is the plan for now. I might share our holiday craziness before then.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Until all hearts are free.


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