Friday and other news

16 Nov

As I was having a personal crisis. I called a good friend of mine and while she is trying to help me with my crisis. She tells me that her husband died and she moves on in the conversation. I told her wait, wait a minute. What happened? How did he die? Was he in a car accident? My friend told me that he committed suicide. I asked her if she saw this coming and she said that looking back on it there were tiny clues. I told her that if the clues were tiny then there was no way she could have known what was going to happen.

It makes all the BS that I have been going through with my significant other seem stupid and inconsequential. Hey lookie there my first big word. LOL. I know some of you may feel that suicide is a sin or whatever but, just remember that it is NOT anyones fault that a person decides to take their own life it is a choice. It also made my problem seem stupid too.

My problem is this I am a substitute teacher and dont always work every day. This is fine but, I had not worked in over a week now going on three weeks. I got put on the no call list (even though we are in desperate need of subs) because I did not respond to an email. I am not even sure I got or it might have gone into my spam box and I dont check that. So I have to meet Wednesday at 2 pm because there are “concerns” . I have no idea what I could have done wrong or what the concerns are so wish me luck and keep my friend in your thoughts. She and I need all the help and support we can get.


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