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24 Nov

This Thanksgiving we are doing a few traditional dishes and something nontraditional. Our “traditional” dishes include a few sweet potatoes yum, and pumpkin pie vegan style of course. Our non traditional is that we are having quesadillas with refried pinto beans and shredded vegan cheese yum. It will still be yummy and good for us.

I did earlier this week adopt “Spunky” the turkey from Farm Sanctuary. It was a great way to have a turkey for Thanksgiving without the cruelty and a great way to give to a worthy organization. It just makes me feel better.

This past weekend my daughter and I both had the ick that has been going around. My daughter was running a fever and then she got sick at school and I was unable to get to her and felt bad but, my significant other was able to get her picked up from school. I was just really tired and slept a lot until Sunday evening when I got sick. After I got sick I felt like climbing Mt. Everest and taking over the world. I was unable to work Monday because my daughter was still not feeling so great. Tuesday I subbed. It was crazy the kids knew it was a holiday. My poor fur baby cat has had the ick and has been sneezing her head off. I hope she feels better soon.

As for holiday shopping I am done. Except for a last minute item my daughter needs so will pick that up for her next pay check. If you must shop I suggest especially Friday to not do that. Remember to be thankful for what you have not for what you want. At the very least shop online this way you can avoid the lines, the possibility of getting trampled and the parking hassle. Maybe even give back such as Amazon has Amazon smile where part of your purchases go to a worthy cause of your choice. There is always the option of a gift card no clutter and no fuss or muss.

The other option for a gift is an experience gift of movie tickets, concert tickets, tickets to a play, or even better what better way to not deal with holiday stress than to get or even give yourself a massage.

Happy Holiday and be kind to our fellow creatures that we share this planet with.

Friday and other news

16 Nov

As I was having a personal crisis. I called a good friend of mine and while she is trying to help me with my crisis. She tells me that her husband died and she moves on in the conversation. I told her wait, wait a minute. What happened? How did he die? Was he in a car accident? My friend told me that he committed suicide. I asked her if she saw this coming and she said that looking back on it there were tiny clues. I told her that if the clues were tiny then there was no way she could have known what was going to happen.

It makes all the BS that I have been going through with my significant other seem stupid and inconsequential. Hey lookie there my first big word. LOL. I know some of you may feel that suicide is a sin or whatever but, just remember that it is NOT anyones fault that a person decides to take their own life it is a choice. It also made my problem seem stupid too.

My problem is this I am a substitute teacher and dont always work every day. This is fine but, I had not worked in over a week now going on three weeks. I got put on the no call list (even though we are in desperate need of subs) because I did not respond to an email. I am not even sure I got or it might have gone into my spam box and I dont check that. So I have to meet Wednesday at 2 pm because there are “concerns” . I have no idea what I could have done wrong or what the concerns are so wish me luck and keep my friend in your thoughts. She and I need all the help and support we can get.

Vegan Eggs

3 Nov

Ok I finally tried the eggs I talked about in my previous post. They are really good as a scramble and to make yummy breakfast burritos. The only thing I dont like is the smell. They smell like eggs too much for me with an almost too much sulfer smell.

Hope everyone had a spook filled Halloween and a great Dia De Dos Muertos as well.