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New vegan products

19 Oct

I recently tried Daiya’s yogurts. I tried the peach, blueberry and strawberry. I loved the first two but, the strawberry just tasted off to me. I know that one persons taste buds are totally different than mine and that what I might not like someone else will.

I also picked up Follow Your Hearts vegan eggs. I have not had a chance to try them yet but it does seem promising. If you are on the lookout for them try your baking section. This is where I found mine. It was not in the cold section where they keep the non vegan eggs. I will let you know what I think of the eggs when I get around to using them.


7 Oct

This week has been fun. It is my daughters and of course by extension my fall break as well. It has been nice. My dad came into town so we spent some quality time with him. We have seen two movies the “newer” Ice Age movie (which was cute) and the really new movie Stork again super cute.

We went out to eat a few times once with my dad for lunch and then just the two of us at a very fancy smancy restaurant. The fancy restaurant was over priced and with no vegetarian options except for a salad so basically I spent way tooooooooo much for two salads. I was not impressed. It was still fun so I guess for an experience it was somewhat worth it. We got my daughters hair trimmed as well.

Today we just went and got a very belated holiday gift from my daughters aunt it was a gift card from Target so she got a DS game that she has been wanting for awhile.

Tomorrow my daughter is going to my husbands work so it will be quiet really quiet tomorrow. I have also been trying to get my house cleaned up so that way when school starts back up Monday I will not have to deal with that in between working, taking care of my daughter, cooking dinner, and taking care of the animals needs.