3 Sep

If you live in the US we have a long weekend known as Labor Day. Yea! The bonuses are many…hopefully you have the weekends off and will get the following Monday off so an extra day off, an extra day to sleep in, and no school so see the one about sleep. Of course there is the obligatory Labor Day sales which I avoid and dont deal with. Now I might find something at our 1/2 price book store because they are having a sale but, odds are I probably wont find a book I want to read or need.
I just watched the lovely lady whose name escapes me who came up with a zero waste home. I personally think that this is awesome! I watched her Ted talk so if you get a few minutes check it out or find it on zerowastehome.com. Also you can find the book with awesome ideas hopefully at a used book store or your local library.
My interview went well despite the fact that I was really brain dead. I have this cold or allergy that is really kicking me in the tush. If you have been blessed with this lovely ick I personally recommend some 24 hour allergy relief if possible, lots of sleep, nettle 3 xs a day, and as hot and spicy food as you can stand to eat along with garlic. I am not a big pill pusher even on myself and will rarely take anything but, this has me breaking most of my hard rules of no drugs unless absolutely necessary. I have not been feeling myself for a bit and am so brain dead and tired. Also try some antioxidants in your diet like blueberries, and blackberries or even red or dark grapes are great plus the bonus of vitamin c. Take care and hope to feel better next week.


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