Job search/warning language

10 Aug

Arrgh since the asswaffle thinks that I am using him/taking him for his money I now have to get a job. Not a big deal except for the fact that I need flexible hours, be able to work part time, close to home, and have a very understanding boss that will understand that I need to leave when my child is ill. Add on to the fact that I have not worked in about an epoch. I have also been a shut in basically I have few friends either due to busyness on the other folks part or it just doesnt work out. So hard to make friends when I could barely leave the house either due to having a small child and the hassle of dragging someone at the time still in diapers out into the world and also having one car and being stuck in suburbia hell with little to no where to walk to or even a bus service to take me to X which takes all day or at least it seems to. Now I have my own car but, the daytime hours are more for chores and with the asshats sensitivity to all scents I cant hang out with too many people without either needing to take a shower, change clothes and be insanely jealous that they can wear x and I cant at all.

I was supposed to have surgery on my arm to remove a lump but, now it is a no go due to the lovely money issue and our insurance probably not covering a bit of it. It totally sucks donkeys. As for when I will get surgery on my arm it is a possible never at this point.


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