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31 Aug

Well I have gotten about 2 to 3 jobs but, all of them are not what my husband wants me to do. Granted I was not thrillled with working at a certain institution. This was ok. The other one would have been me working every weekend. This would have not been great as in I would not have been able to spend time with my husband since I hardly see him during the week. Plus it would have interfered with time with my daughter so that was a no go.
The bonus for me is that I have an interview with the one place I want to work for. They will be understanding since this is the local school district. It is part time but, still it is better than nothing. Today has been awesome 3 other folks I know have gotten jobs. Yea! It is so funny to me that when I desperately needed a job I couldn’t find one to save my life now I have gotten 2 jobs plus 2 interviews I am confident that this last one will be the one. Plus bonus husband off my back.
We talked about why he was feeling this way and if I had done something. He said not really but, we did work it out. Plus as a bonus we worked out our issues that happened on my birthday and I feel a lot better. We are mending fences and feeling better. We are even doing PDA we had stopped even holding hands now we are and he has even started to help me out and has done the dishes for me without being asked. Woot! I love it! It just takes time, honesty, and spending time just talking not yelling.

Job search/warning language

10 Aug

Arrgh since the asswaffle thinks that I am using him/taking him for his money I now have to get a job. Not a big deal except for the fact that I need flexible hours, be able to work part time, close to home, and have a very understanding boss that will understand that I need to leave when my child is ill. Add on to the fact that I have not worked in about an epoch. I have also been a shut in basically I have few friends either due to busyness on the other folks part or it just doesnt work out. So hard to make friends when I could barely leave the house either due to having a small child and the hassle of dragging someone at the time still in diapers out into the world and also having one car and being stuck in suburbia hell with little to no where to walk to or even a bus service to take me to X which takes all day or at least it seems to. Now I have my own car but, the daytime hours are more for chores and with the asshats sensitivity to all scents I cant hang out with too many people without either needing to take a shower, change clothes and be insanely jealous that they can wear x and I cant at all.

I was supposed to have surgery on my arm to remove a lump but, now it is a no go due to the lovely money issue and our insurance probably not covering a bit of it. It totally sucks donkeys. As for when I will get surgery on my arm it is a possible never at this point.

Count down begins

5 Aug

School will be starting next Wednesday and I am looking forward (because my daughter has been having a major attitude with me and really not happy when she doesnt get her way) and a bit sad because she will be back in school and will not be around to talk to. I will miss her despite her tude problem. I am not thrilled to be getting up so early but, I have been weaning myself back. It is still a struggle.

My husband is still being an ass. Sorry sad but, true I am not perfect I promise but, for me it is hard to hear during couples therapy that he is feeling that I am using him for his money. Yes he is the only one that works right now but, at the same time I feel as though I do everything except for working a job outside of the home. That was a shocker and admittedly a piss off for me. Also hearing today that my counselors office had a computer issue and that my appointment was lost for Friday. I called them and no their computers are fine the idiot thought I was not going to show up on Friday. I told them no and that I would be there. He however showed up yesterday at 6 pm (thankfully her 6 didnt show up) and they are trying to get him to understand that they will text him a reminder the day before. Now where he was for about 3 hours or so when he knows I have to discuss something important with him (I have to have surgery outpatient) and he cant show up early from work to discuss this with me is just another nail in the coffin it seems. After a weekend where we actually talked and laughed and just were the way we were before things went south between us. Almost seems to be a waste of time sometimes and frustrating.