Swizzle stick

15 Jul

We had our first counseling meeting and afterwards my brain felt like it had been stirred with a swizzle stick. Just having all that stuff dregged up again really just was not fun. I feel that at least we have made a bit of progress. I still feel like we have a long way to go though no quick fix here folks sorry. I had a serious headache and felt like my brain was about to explode but, then again it might have had to do with the high humidity here. Walking outside was so fun I felt like I was in a sauna without the towel.

My daughter is enjoying her summer camp. She has made glow in the dark bubbles so fun, blubber (unfortunately does not make the car float darn it), blowing up watermelons and even doing some chemistry I love my geeky girl and love that she is having so much fun. Plus as an added bonus I get some time to myself without constant interruptions and other fun things.

I am now taking steps to simplify my life. I have been getting rid of some books after I have read them. Ok right now they are sitting in a box to be gotten rid of in one fell swoop plus I get more money instead of doing it piecemeal. I have also put dates on at least two of my boxes so they have 6 months for me to either get in the box or it is out of here. I will go through the box because I think it has my obligatory 7 year income tax returns that we are forced to save in case of the dreaded Audit. Important papers will be the only things saved from this box.

Tonight I get to make my own hulla hoop at the library. So fun.
What fun things have you done lately?


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