Vacation and other news

22 Jun

We went to go visit my dad spend some time with him, to relax, and not have a lot of drama to deal with. We went to the arboretum to see a new exhibit of tropical plants. We also went to the zoo to see some new animals and revisit our favorites.
On our trip leaving to go visit my dad aka my daughters grandpa. My daughter wanted to wear some perfume to smell good for her grandpa. I had no idea she was going to spray it in the house but, she did and apparently the scent clung to the couch and one of the air purifiers. My husband was mad to say the least. So I decided not to call him while we were on vacation.
While coming back our flight was delayed and asked my dad to call my husband to let him know what was going on. Then we left earlier than expected but, I refused to call my husband. Once we arrived and I knew my husband would not be there to pick us up I decided to call my dad to let him know we had made it. My dad tells me that he spoke with my mom and she told him what my husband told her my in laws believe that my husband should throw me out, that I never cook for him and that he hates my cooking. He said that he wanted custody of our daughter and that he would fight me for custody.
I was shocked and really upset. We have agreed to try counseling but, I am not sure how to fix something this broken or if this can even be fixed.
I have been making plans either way. I am trying to possibly get a job teaching English overseas and I splurged and got both of us some luggage that will stand out. My daughter got Darth Vader and I got R2D2.


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