3 months

1 Jun

The past 3 months have been difficult in terms of the relationship I am in.  It has been hard.

In May I fell in the parking lot of my daughters school after volunteering.  I had to leave early because my debit card numbers got stolen and used to pay someones bills  and purchases.  It is now straightened out and I have all my funds back which is great.  I was in a really good mood after being around “normal” people where wearing scents and other nice smelling and maybe not so nice smelling scents and not feeling guilty or it being seen as wrong.   I fell but did not break anything which was good.  My glasses even survived without a scratch.  I wanted to cry but, had at that point was out of tears even after falling.  I almost lost it when a woman witnessed my fall and came up to me to make sure I was alright.  She wanted to give me a hug I could not handle someone being nice to me and sympathetic.

My relationship is hopefully getting better.  My partner has gone in for allergy testing so I really hope this helps.  It at least helps to know what he is or is not allergic to.  He is deathly allergic to Hickory of all things and moderately allergic to rabbit and cat.  Finally he can shut the snot up about being deathly allergic to Noel.  He will be getting treated for his allergies.  I really hope it works.

I also managed to piss off my mother in law.  She gave her daughter a very expensive chair that she left in our garage and did not get rid of when she moved out about 2 years ago.  Since then I have asked very politely for her to take it in her truck and dispose of it and she always has an excuse of one or the other.  So I asked a friend with a truck if we could take it to her farm and put it in their dumpster.  We did that but, she called me later that day saying I had no right and told me to come get it and take it to the dump myself.  She also told me that she would be at my house every day with 4-5 bags of garbage for me to get rid of .  Now my question is how 3 people who are barely home because they work long hours can produce that much garbage in a day?   It baffles me.


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