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Baby Im A Star

23 Apr

Once again the music industry has lost another music icon. It really stinks.
Prince’s music was what I grew up with and listening to his music was really great. His song “Baby I’m a Star” was what helped me to get through my darker times as a teenager and even now as I go through a rough patch in my relationship. It helps me to remember that I am a star. It helps me to dance and puts a smile on my face. I was jamming to a few of his more well known songs on youtube like “Little Red Corvette”, “Purple Rain”, “Raspberry Beret”, “1999” and others. Plus I was able to catch the video of him kicking Kim Kardashian off the stage I was cheering him. Sorry not a Kardashian fan.
He may have been an a**hole but, what guy isnt? Plus I can say the same for women too what woman isn’t a b***h? We all have our days of being complete jerks. Call it what you want to hormomes, or just having a bad day.
He died too young and too soon but, he died doing what he loved best and not many people can say that. He will be missed.


14 Apr

April has been the month of Birthdays. Several young girls that my daughter knows had birthdays this month. One even had hers on the same day as my daughter so they had a joint birthday party. It was super cool for us because all her friends were there. She got some really nice gifts. I gave her a Darth Vader purse that she wanted and something she needed. The experience gift will have to wait for a bit and that is fine. It is more on her schedule of when she wants to do it.
She is wanting to discontinue her Tae Kwan Do and I am not happy but, I will not keep her or make her stay in something she is no longer interested in. Even if it means she will not get her next belt.
I finally got caught up in balancing my checkbook. Yes, I am still old school and prefer to have a paper trail when I pay bills.
Spring has returned I was recently checked out by a honey bee. She was super curious about me for some reason. I recently conditioned my hair but, still do not feel that I smell like a flower. I am not allergic to bee stings but, she was getting a bit too close to my ears and I really had no desire to have a bee get stuck in my hair while trying to get close to my ear. So I basically resorted to a bit of girlie action by waving my hands around. It seems to have worked because she wandered off. I know she was just trying to decide if I was a flower or not I was wearing a purple shirt but, still it is a bit weird. I just hope the warmer weather lasts this time. We have been in a weird flux being either hot, cold, or cold and windy or cold with rain/snow and frost.

Hope spring has sprung where you are and that you are having some warmth.