Cold and product review

2 Mar

This past weekend our washing machine decided to go out so we unfortunately had to go out and get another one. Really wish things were designed to last 20 years or longer. Yeah I know then you wouldnt have the great joy of having to go out and get something shiny and new sorry had to wax a little Madonna 80’s style. We did pay for this in cash so bonus for us no financing or credit need apply. Even though it hurts to be out this amount of cash I would so much rather do things this way than any other.
Now for the cold, our lovely heater in the house we are renting decided that 55 was warm enough, sorry it is not and is only supposed to go down to 64 before the heat turns on. That was this morning. It was warmer outside than in our house. Well now it is taking 2 or more hours just to get to our usual balmy 65 in our house. No wonder our electric bill has been so outrageous.
Daiya has come out with a lovely new to me product. A frozen “cheesecake” in New York style, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Key Lime. I have only so far tried the New York. It is in the frozen section. It is good, but a bit small. I personally like to make my own “cheesecake” using silken tofu and other ingredients. I can also make mine a lot bigger and can control how much sugar I want. This is a bit too small basically the packaging is bigger than the “cheesecake” and it is way too sweet in my opinion. This is good for someone who either needs something in a hurry and doesnt have the time to make their own. It is good enough and not to brag but, I personally think I can make a better “cheesecake”.


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