Groundhog Day

3 Feb

I personally love the movie “Ground Hog Day” .   Remember dont drive angry.  True in the movie and true today.

Today I went through the 1/2 ton ok really not that much of my daughters old school papers and got rid of a lot.  I am keeping for now awards and special projects that she has done to date.  It is hard to go through all of this while my husband and daughter are home because they will want to keep everything.  Me not so much.    I will probably go through it again later in the year or whenever I get a chance.

I am still getting adjusted to my new glasses.  I have the same prescription just new frames and lenses.  Needed the lenses for sure my daughter had an oops moment and scratched my lens.  The new ones are transitions so they get dark outside when the sun is shining.  This helps me not have 30+ sets of clip on type shades for my glasses.  Whew.  I like it but, it is a bit slow once you get inside but, not a biggie and I am getting used to it.

It is February 2 today and we are supposed to get into the upper 60s today and have rain this evening.  Hello world we are supposed to have winter aka snow not in huge amounts just some snow and maybe a “warm” day in the 40s-50s.  Last I checked.



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