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Baby Dolphin

25 Feb

Last week some “lovely” folks in Argentina decided to catch a baby dolphin that was close to the shore and take a “selfish selfie” with the baby dolphin but, then more folks wanted in on the action and of course if anyone who has had a fish tank or even remembers biology 101 most fish breathe in water. Well needles to say the poor baby died because these people would not put it back in the water. It died by suffocation and was dumped like so much trash on the beach.
There is a petition going on online for justice for the baby dolphin. I am all for this but, where is the outcry for all the animals slaughtered every day whether it is a cow, pig, chicken, sheep, or other animals used for most peoples food? Just something to think about.


18 Feb

I have been reading a newer book that I borrowed from the Library by David Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruz it is called “Smart Money Smart Kids”.  This is a great book for folks with kids to read.  I also want to recommend Financial Peace Junior for you as well.  These are both great resources if you want your kids to win with money and not go into debt.

I also want to add a website too  This one also encourages folks to either pay in cash, wait for something or not buy at all.  In this culture of we want it now and by jove we are going to get it no matter what.  It tends to put a lot of people in debt or even worse bankruptcy.


Valentines Day

17 Feb

Our valentines day was rather mellow.  It was bad weather here so we celebrated the day before.  We did some of the usual by going out to eat but, then we decided to catch Deadpool in theaters.  As a comic book geek I really liked the movie.  It was funny to see Stan Lee and where he popped up in the film.   As for a “gift” I got some chocolate covered cherries that works well for me.  It is appreciated and is a consumable.  Really love gifts that are consumables.

Hope your valentines day was good.

My new jacket

12 Feb

My new jacket has a ton ok at least 21 pockets of goodness.  It is really warm and it looks really bulky but, it is not.  Here is a picture of me.  I also got 20% off which was great!  I get emails from them for things that are on sale and since my jacket went on sale after I got it.  I contacted them through their site and was able to get it off.


Oh the pain

5 Feb

Tuesday I managed to bruise my ulner nerve in my right hand.  Of course it takes a day or two to see the bruise.  I just knew I was in pain for about 4 hours.  It was so bad that I could not even hold onto a plastic plate.  I had no hand strength and it was so bad I wanted to cry.  Now it is better and I am able to have strength in my hand.  It is still a bit swollen but, doing a lot better.  I at least dont want to cry because of the pain.  In case you dont know the ulner nerve runs from roughly your ring finger to your elbow.

If you have ever hurt your achilles tendon in your ankle the pain is about like that only in your hand.  It really stinks.

Hope you have a pain free day.

Groundhog Day

3 Feb

I personally love the movie “Ground Hog Day” .   Remember dont drive angry.  True in the movie and true today.

Today I went through the 1/2 ton ok really not that much of my daughters old school papers and got rid of a lot.  I am keeping for now awards and special projects that she has done to date.  It is hard to go through all of this while my husband and daughter are home because they will want to keep everything.  Me not so much.    I will probably go through it again later in the year or whenever I get a chance.

I am still getting adjusted to my new glasses.  I have the same prescription just new frames and lenses.  Needed the lenses for sure my daughter had an oops moment and scratched my lens.  The new ones are transitions so they get dark outside when the sun is shining.  This helps me not have 30+ sets of clip on type shades for my glasses.  Whew.  I like it but, it is a bit slow once you get inside but, not a biggie and I am getting used to it.

It is February 2 today and we are supposed to get into the upper 60s today and have rain this evening.  Hello world we are supposed to have winter aka snow not in huge amounts just some snow and maybe a “warm” day in the 40s-50s.  Last I checked.