The big freeze

19 Jan

BRRRRRRRRRR! It is very cold here we are at a balmy 17 degrees. With a wind chill of a balmy 4 degrees. It has been so fun. I decided to get myself a new jacket for the cold. It is another scottyvest jacket with a whopping 21 pockets of bliss and warmth. I cant wait until I can get it in. Yes, I have a warm jacket for the winter but, sadly it is ripping in such a way that it is more prudent to get a new jacket until I can get the one I have repaired (I hope). I also am not a fan of freezing. Today my daughter is off from school and is spending quality time with my husband at his work. So I have a day sans kid. Wahoo it is party time. I did my usual cleaning that I do on Mondays. Went and got gas and was wishing that I had put on my long johns under my jeans since I froze my a** off pumping gas. I realize it is colder in other parts of the world but, still wish I was on a deserted island ah well a girl can dream. I did do some house work jamming to some Five Finger Death Punch it tends to go faster at least it seems to.
I also placed another amazon order for a memory card for my MP3 player so I can download all of my tunes that I ordered and albums from five finger death punch. My absolute favorite fight song by them is “Lift Me Up” and also a personal favorite. Thanks guys for all you do keep rockin. Other than that I have not been getting and buying too much stuff. It is either stuff I need or at least is a consumable.
Stay warm and cozy. If you already are warm and cozy enjoy.


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