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20 Jan

In less than a week we have lost two great musical artists who were about the same age.  It just boggles the mind.  I want to pass on my sympathy to David Bowie and Glenn Frye’s friends and families.

On a slightly different note I want to pass on a link for  I perhaps am guilty of this to a degree.  I pass out my email address to companies so that way I can either get tracking numbers, questions, or concerns I may have about something I have ordered.  I do not give it out to everyone.  I also partake in convenience foods but, for the most part buy as much as I can either fresh or in bulk.  Admittedly it is nice to have dinner rather quick especially when you are really hungry and waiting for something to cook even a short time seems like utter torture.   What about you?  What convenience things do you use if any?  No judgment from me.

The big freeze

19 Jan

BRRRRRRRRRR! It is very cold here we are at a balmy 17 degrees. With a wind chill of a balmy 4 degrees. It has been so fun. I decided to get myself a new jacket for the cold. It is another scottyvest jacket with a whopping 21 pockets of bliss and warmth. I cant wait until I can get it in. Yes, I have a warm jacket for the winter but, sadly it is ripping in such a way that it is more prudent to get a new jacket until I can get the one I have repaired (I hope). I also am not a fan of freezing. Today my daughter is off from school and is spending quality time with my husband at his work. So I have a day sans kid. Wahoo it is party time. I did my usual cleaning that I do on Mondays. Went and got gas and was wishing that I had put on my long johns under my jeans since I froze my a** off pumping gas. I realize it is colder in other parts of the world but, still wish I was on a deserted island ah well a girl can dream. I did do some house work jamming to some Five Finger Death Punch it tends to go faster at least it seems to.
I also placed another amazon order for a memory card for my MP3 player so I can download all of my tunes that I ordered and albums from five finger death punch. My absolute favorite fight song by them is “Lift Me Up” and also a personal favorite. Thanks guys for all you do keep rockin. Other than that I have not been getting and buying too much stuff. It is either stuff I need or at least is a consumable.
Stay warm and cozy. If you already are warm and cozy enjoy.

Life normal

6 Jan

Life has returned back to normal. School has started back again.
My daughter got too much for the holidays again but, hey it is hard to have in laws exercise any form of restraint especially for the only grand child so far I keep hoping my sisters in law will have kids but, so far nothing.
I did not get too much which is great. More time to spend with my daughter doing what matters most. Hanging out together volunteering at the local humane society to spend some quality time with some fuzzy and furry friends. Cooking together and spending time with family and friends. The important stuff.
Yes my daughter did play with some of her new stuff but, that is ok.
I got very little which is great! My husband got me a copy of one of my favorite movies Metropolis, a purple sarong I love something that I can wear (once it gets warmer) multiple ways. My mom gave me a “womens” tool kit it is all pink. From my in laws I got 3 separate gift cards from Starbucks for $25 each and a Santoro wallet in purple. Love it all very little clutter. I did get some money from my mom which I have used to get a lot of books based on a series that I am reading for super cheap. I also got 2 albums by Five Finger Death Punch (love those guys). Yeah its heavy just the way I like my music. Just dont judge go to Amazon and sample the songs or even youtube to see the videos most are really awesome and they have done a lot for our troops. I will sell back the books to a local bookstore for some $ so yea. So the only thing I will really be keeping are the albums.

Hope your holidays were Bright, happy and joyful!
It is almost hard to belive that it is 2016 Happy New Year!