Holiday Shopping done!

19 Nov

My last post I mentioned a New American Dream well I downloaded and printed coupons for my husband and my daughter. I spent a whopping $1.50 for my husbands gift and a smidge more for my daughter for the holidays. Here is the link for the holiday coupons and here are a few of their suggestions for different folks on your list This covers one of my daughters final gifts. I give her 4 things you might think I am cheap but, with grandparents going crazy with stuff for her this makes more sense to me and I dont feel as though I have to keep up with the “Joneses” or in my case the grandparents. She gets something she wants, somethings she needs, an experience gift, and last but not least $100 for her college fund. I do the same for her birthday as well again it is only four things but, it helps me stay more sane and not have (hopefully) so much stuff in my house.

I hope this helps folks struggling with what to get a person on your list. You can do all or none of New Dreams suggestions for a person. I really hope this helps you to spend less and have more quality time with someone.

In other news I FINALLY got my new to me computer up and going it took a lot of anger and pleading on my part to get my husband to get it up and going. Why because I insisted that it have Linux on it not some other OS. I am picky that way. The good news is that now I can post pictures to this site and I can download what I want to on my computer! Wahooo! I am going to do my very best to KISS (aka keep it simple stupid) and not put soo much stuff on this machine.


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