New American Dream

17 Nov

This holiday season I have everyone covered for gifts except for my husband. Thanks to New American Dream I now have a solution. I will give him a coupon book with some coupons he can redeem when he wants to. This will be great and we can spend some quality time together. I love it! I had been struggling with what to do/give him for a gift when all I had to do was wait. Romance and quality time with my husband who works a lot to provide for our family sign me up! Woot! If you want some peace and peace of mind that doesnt damage the wallet head on over to for your chance to simplify your holidays.
Also you can make a donation to a charity of your choice in a persons name and even have it go to help the victims in France the Red Cross is a good start. There are others that are good as well Charity Water brings water to areas where water is scarce or hard to get to, Free Tibet, ASPCA, Farm Sanctuary and other animal groups, Doctors without Borders. There are a lot so just find one or more that you feel like giving to and maybe instead of a one time donation you can set up a monthly withdrawal which helps even more. Again the holidays dont have to be about how much you give someone or how much you spend especially on credit (cause you might be paying for it years later with a 15% or more interest on it). If you are struggling with debt or know someone then give them a book by Dave Ramsey to help them get out of debt for good and stay out that might be the best gift ever!

As for turkey sacrifice day my family and I are celebrating by having a free birds thanksgiving. As in other words we will be having a vegan pizza and pumpkin pie for our celebration. Be creative and if a tofurkey or field roast isnt your thing try Indian food, Chinese, or whatever sounds good. Its not about spending hours cooking its about giving thanks.


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