Yet another one

11 Nov

I watched Divorce Corp on Netflix and a lot of it I was unaware of. This is another one I highly recommend.
I was unaware that judges are bought some of the time by attorneys via campaign contributions and awards, and even trips. If anyone has been through a divorce it is not easy with or without kids. Kids as most people know are on the short end of the stick.
They profiled one gentleman who lost custody of his daughter, lost everything, and had to go live with his parents in Scandinavia.
In Scandinavia divorce is a lot easier. Alimony is paid until the divorce is final not until the end of a spouses life. Child support is $150 per month per child not for the child’s pageant dresses or new toys etc. The cost of a divorce is the cost of a stamp not the thousands of dollars that most people spend.
It is again very informative and very interesting. I encourage folks to watch this one too.


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