Happy Halloween

30 Oct

Happy Halloween! Have fun and dont be afraid to dress up or even go trick or treating.

My daughter is going to be Catty Noir from Monster High. The costume we got her is really cute and she can wear it for a few more years. Yea!

My husbands company Might be getting sold so there is panic and stress at work and even with his coworkers who are worried about their jobs. Which I do understand but, it is not a done deal yet so I guess I am not quite getting the need to panic and stress of course I have not been in the work force for 6+ years so who am I to judge?

Today I got two new books from the library which have been on my amazon list for awhile. As you know free is sooo much better than having to pay for a book let alone keeping it.

I know the holidays are coming up and I am done except for getting a gift for my husband but, I do NOT want to get him yet another book (he has about 15-16 boxes of books now and counting) and I do NOT want to get him yet another DVD again he has most of a shelf on a bookshelf that is two deep. So I am stuck as to what to get him and am not sure if what he needs is actually a need. If anyone can give me a few suggestions I would LOVE to hear them.


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