Long week

30 Sep

Last week was a long week because of the issue with my daughters friend as mentioned in a previous post but, also that Tuesday the same friend decided to put her hand on my daughters face between the jaw bones to get her to look at something. My daughter said that it hurt and if anyone has had a parent or even a child grab their face in such a manner to turn the head it hurts.

I had my daughter participate in my free yoga class after I asked if it was ok. It is free and offered by my local library (gotta love free non things). I thought it might help her to relax and be calm after the fiasco with her “friend”. It did but, then the following day my daughter was running a high temperature and we took her in to the doctors. She did not have strep or the flu but, was prescribed plenty of rest and relaxation. Poor kid. She normally eats pretty well but, has so far not eaten very much.. She is better today and is almost back to normal. Yesterday we tried to see if she was up for school but, her fever was still too high. So more rest. I am glad that the doctor did not put her on an antibiotic I personally think that we rely and perhaps prescribe them too much for things.
I am finally caught up on my emails. The delete button works wonders for getting rid of a lot of emails you absolutely have no time to read or are “old news”.
This week will be hopefully much better now that my daughter is feeling better. Maybe getting a new Monster High doll helped lol. She loves Monster High and I am having her work for this doll. Little things like sweeping her room, getting her lunch box and water bottle in her backpack in the mornings just to help me out. Tired of waiting on her hand and foot. Might make some of this more permanent.


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