Windows and kindness

26 Aug

Today I kissed and waved good bye to Windows OS so I no longer have windows on my new computer. However when you do change your OS it can be interesting and full of challenges. So it is still not working but, I am getting closer to having my own computer.

My daughter is still having issues at home and at school with “friends” not being very kind. I even decided to stick my nose in where it doesnt belong and even have called my daughter’s school to deal with a few issues there. It needs to be done. I know it is a double edged sword for kids. If you tell on someone you are seen and even labeled as a tattle taler. However, if you dont say something you are either a. left alone (usually doesn’t happen) or b. you are picked on even worse (which totally stinks aka sucks). I do want my daughter to stand up for herself however, I understand that it is very hard when you have very few options.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to handle these situations? I am new to this but, not new to being bullied.


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