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Windows and kindness

26 Aug

Today I kissed and waved good bye to Windows OS so I no longer have windows on my new computer. However when you do change your OS it can be interesting and full of challenges. So it is still not working but, I am getting closer to having my own computer.

My daughter is still having issues at home and at school with “friends” not being very kind. I even decided to stick my nose in where it doesnt belong and even have called my daughter’s school to deal with a few issues there. It needs to be done. I know it is a double edged sword for kids. If you tell on someone you are seen and even labeled as a tattle taler. However, if you dont say something you are either a. left alone (usually doesn’t happen) or b. you are picked on even worse (which totally stinks aka sucks). I do want my daughter to stand up for herself however, I understand that it is very hard when you have very few options.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to handle these situations? I am new to this but, not new to being bullied.

The new computer and other news

18 Aug

Well recently I got a new computer it was cheap less than $300. I was really wanting my own so that way I could download articles or other links from websites I frequent. Now I can almost do that. It comes with the latest version of windows and I am not a fan of windows. So it will have a version of Linux on it as I prefer something more simple without all the bells and whistles that come with windows. Yes I spent money I perhaps should not have but since the computer that died its horrible death I have been using my husbands chrome book and am not a fan of it because of google.
It was not meet well with the news that I had gotten a computer by my husband. Yes we fought. All is better now and in hindsight I would still do it again.
The other news is that there has been a lot of drama in my life. A friend/someone I know who has a daughter that my daughter plays with lost custody of her kids due to various things after fighting for joint custody and other mess going on. So my daughters friend is no longer going to the same school which has been difficult for her to come to terms with.
My mother in law who is the person normally getting clothes for our daughter or at least the main bulk will be losing her overtime and hence disposable income to get the clothes for our daughter. Of course this was brought up during our kerfafle between my husband and the computer. So I told him that she just would not have as much clothes (which I for one see as a good thing) and that I have no issues with her getting clothes from goodwill or other cheap places. I have no issues with it since she is growing so fast.
I do purchase clothes for our daughter I just dont go as overboard as my in law does.
I have been making plans to take my daughter to Paris in six years. This way we can both enjoy it more and I hope to have lots of $$$$ saved up for food, lodging, sight seeing and of course the plane tickets over seas.
So minus the computer this is the last hopefully big ticket item I will be buying for a very long while.

On a brighter note we now have two cars. This was not an easy decision for us because of the added expense but, with our daughter wanting to do after school activities, and needing to be picked up from school in cases of illness. It just seemed like the better thing to do. This way I now have a car for just those things and I can run any errands that need to be done/taken care of. Plus it is less stress on my husband in cases of illness not having to drive 30 + minutes to go pick up our daughter, bring her home, and then go back to work then come home. Less wear and tear on at least one vehicle.
My daughter is now enrolled in Tae Kwan Do so that should be interesting and exciting for her. I hope she likes it.