25 Jul

Ok maybe not panic but, it is about that dreaded and perhaps glorious time of year again. As summer winds down, the kids are about to go back to school, and the cries of “I’m Bored!” fade away to be a distant cry.

It is glorious because as soon as your child gets on the bus you the parent either go to work or you get to have that glorious free time to do what you want. Gone are the days were you have to watch animated (unless you want to) flicks, you can now watch something adult. You no longer have to hear whining while you are in the store because your child wants you to buy X. Utter bliss and calm are yours for at least a few hours until your child gets home from school where it perhaps will start again and if you are lucky it will not.

I have gotten all of my daughters school supplies all for about $20 not too bad. We recycled aka are reusing a few of her school supplies from last year and went to a dollar store aka big box store to get the rest of her supplies. Yes evil but, also very cheap too.

My mom told me that K-mart was having a sale on Hello Kitty stuff so I asked my mom to get our daughter a sheet set for her bed, a big girls towel and washcloth set, and a new backpack. My mom also asked me what our daughter needs for clothes and I told her a couple of pairs of jeans would be great. So she got her some along with a few long sleeved shirts. Yet another big box store but, also useful in getting a few things my daughter needs.

Earlier this week my daughter and I each made for free at the library a miniature fairy garden. It is super cute, and is like a terrarium but, with a slight touch of whimsy to it. Plus I love having plants. We went yesterday to Michaels because while we were making our fairy gardens a few folks brought in some super cute embellishments to add to their fairy gardens. So we decided to get a few for ours as well. My daughter got a chair, door, temple, and dog. I got a few mushrooms, frogs, and turtle we got all of the above for a little over $20 not too bad since my budget/all I was willing to spend was $20.

I also have a great idea that is cheap for folks for a holiday gift too. Love that!

Today I swear it was fairy revenge day lol. I set my alarm to wake me up only it did not go off and instead my husbands alarm went off super early. Only he never set his for Friday. Very weird.


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