Why we have wars?

8 Jul

Monday was a bad day for my daughter. First off she called a “friend” to see if she could play with them. This girl answers the phone by asking my daughter what she wants. No “Hi” no greeting of any kind. It goes on from there she then tells my daughter that she copied her in the park Last Tuesday by stating she wanted to join in gymnastics. She then tells my daughter that “She has no talent”. At that point I hung up the phone on her. She calls back and wants to talk to my daughter. I told her no that she could not talk to her (I was afraid that she would say even worse things to her) because what she said was very rude. I told her they could still be friends if she wanted but, that my daughter would not be talking anymore to her today.

Then later she decides to play with the girl next door who then decides that breaking my daughters chalk is a good idea and ok to do all because she is in a foul mood. Sorry folks when I am in a bad mood I do not take it out on Other Peoples STUFF.

So I told my daughter that she could not play with either of these “lovely” people for the rest of the week.

Now for my theory of why we have wars: Somewhere along the way we have forgotten how to be kind and nice to eachother. Instead rudeness, bullying, foul language and just the need or urge to say rude things to eachother. I do realize that this does not cover every war or every reason but, I really think that maybe going back to being nice and kind to each other is much better and a kinder way to deal with folks.

I realize that it is harder to be nice and kind. It takes more effort than just to pop off that rude gesture or comment. So the next time you accidentally cut someone off in traffic and they honk at you instead of saying something rude or the lovely hand gesture. Just realize that they had every right to give you that reminder of being safe and not hitting them. Or whatever the situation is just remember that kindness and being nice is a better way to handle something. Not saying it works for every situation because you may be within your rights to yell or get angry but, just try to be nice. Remember WORDS HAVE MORE POWER than fists or kicks because the bruises and cuts heal. The words stay with a person longer.


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