Sale, Sale, Sale

4 Jul

For those of us in the US it is not only the Fourth of July where our country celebrates its independence from the UK but, it is also a time where it seems that marketers are having sales in the hopes and attempt to get you to buy stuff you more than likely dont really need, want or even use. Whether it is a new car, bedroom furniture, or more clothes. I say celebrate it the best way you can by not doing any of the above. Celebrate with family, friends, or those that are most important to you whether it is having to go out and get a few necessities for that vegan barbecue then I say go for it.

As for my family we have not decided what we will do this holiday. My husband will probably help his parents re tile their bathroom and there is talk of watching the fire works display but, it does depend on the weather. We have been getting a lot of rain and really wish we could send it to the southwest and California at least. It has been so bad that I personally want to move out west just to see the sun again and to have some heat. It is summer after all. We will not be spending much money this forth of July weekend. We did go grocery shopping for the following week and got enough food to last until we go shopping again. I am planning on making red, white, and blue scones for breakfast. The red will be raspberries, the blue blueberries of course and the white will be just from the flour used. Not very original but, it is as good as I can make it.

This past month has been hard on the pocket. I have spent way more than I expected. Vacations tend to do that to me no matter how hard I try to not spend a lot of money. I also got a few things that I will use and will eventually use but, did not want to hit this particular store during the holidays so decided to stock up now. Plus my mom gave me some money for my birthday so decided to treat myself to an hour long massage. It was heaven and totally worth the expense. This month should be better.

In other great news we have been infested with or at least invaded by very large black ants. Not sure what has attracted them to our home but, really wish they would just get out they really seem to like me. I have been doing my best to scoop them up and take them back outside. The ladies have been polite and have not bitten anyone so that is a good thing. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get them out of our house I am all ears. Another interesting thing they seem to like the dark.


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