Long time coming

30 Jun

Our vacation was GREAT! It was fun to get away from most of my husbands things that are still cluttering up our lives. We went to a zoo and yes I know what most vegans say about zoos and how evil they are keeping animals confined in small places but, granted you cant give a Leopard a full jungle to roam around in this zoo did have at least in my opinion enough room for most of its animals and since most people cant travel to the jungle, Arctic, or oceans to see all the wonderful creatures in all of the corners of the world. I think a zoo is a good place to see a lot of these creatures that share our planet with us. It was a good education for my daughter. The zoo also had an aquarium and I took lots of pictures. Maybe folks can help me with this one because there was no plaque for what these sea creatures are. They look like a snake and pop out of the sand but, they never attacked these fish for food. If anyone has any ideas and yes I have looked online but, no luck so far. If you know what I am talking about please let me know. Thanks.

We also went to a museum that is mainly a natural history with emphasis on railroad cars. This one did have an Egyptian exhibit which I personally loved. Then we relaxed for two days and went swimming at the YMCA. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately both my daughter and I got sick with some sort of virus when we finally made it back home and that we unfortunately passed on to my dad.

I do know one thing for sure I will never again fly with UNITED. It was awful. As we were leaving we were delayed for an hour due to weather. So I had to get another flight home then that kept getting pushed back and was afraid that we would not make it home and did not relish paying $350 for a hotel and getting a “voucher”. I do hope that next time we travel that it will be nonstop and not with UNITED.

Since then I have been trying to catch up online since I took an extra week off. Plus just not relishing doing my “usual” routine so decided to change it up.


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